iOS on a 100-inch projector screen! Let’s see how iPad Pro 2018 work with external monitor and if you can get extended display. Is there any art application?

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  1. Could you teach me ? Why my 2018 iPad Pro can’t use HDMI to match with projector and smart TV ?

  2. I tried this but the picture on the projected screen is tiny especially YouTube , what should i do?

  3. Will this also work he tv?

  4. Can someone sub to me

  5. Thanks for this informative video Teoh. I just subscribed as your videos are well done.

  6. Great video,I have a question,can you change the orientation of monitor to vertical,to see vertical format content?

  7. Hi, may I know the new Ipad air 2019 is the same size when connected to external projector?? Any pen accuracy problem when it connect to external display? Thank s a lot… Because I facing pen accuracy problem on my surface pro 6 when connected to external display, and pen accuracy problem when it's charging. I am very frustrated with SP6

  8. is the usb-c to hdmi hardware?? t

  9. can you watch Netflix through the projector?

  10. You can connect a Bluetooth mouse to iPad using iOS 13

  11. "In Procreate – you cannot connect the lines because you cannot see the cursor." My friend you just saved me several hundreds of dollars.


  13. Hello, will that function on elgato HD60s?

  14. Have you noticed that logan plays in normal wide aspect fullscreen?

    Pretty great !

  15. Just wonder if netflix would works on projector using your method ? tq

  16. I want to watch my iTunes movie collection on my 4K TV without buying an Apple TV device. Will it work using iPad Pro 2018 to tv via a USB-C to HDMI adapter? TIA

  17. The only reason I'd want to do this is to extend the desktop – to use the iPad as the input device only (keyboard, trackpad, app launcher) with the external display as only the output source and now showing the iPads doc, desktop or virtual keyboard, etc.

  18. hi sir, can this work with ipad 9.7?

  19. I need apple to answer this question. Y is a mouse unsupported

  20. nice vid bruh! do i have to use the apple adapter or does it also work with any other hdmi usb c adapter?

  21. The iPad Pro isn’t 4:3, it’s 12.9:9 I think

  22. Can we connect to a normal tv

  23. Hey Teoh….!!! So I connected my IPad Pro to my Ben q projector with a USB c , but when I play a movie the screen size on the projector screen is small and I can not increase the size to fill out my entire projection screen . How can I do that ?

  24. but use this "usb-c to HDMI" tool can (or not) output the 4k 30/60HZ to bigger screen ?

  25. How do you get your monitor to show up great on camera without the banding?

  26. IPad Pro USB’s c connection ? Am I going mad ?

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