iPad 1 Full screen Mirroring on a HDTV

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  1. Thanks for your video ! You helped me a lot

  2. Thank you so much Nuno m/

  3. The iHacksrepo is down. Is there any other alternative ????

  4. hmm .. Now in 2016 , Apple store offer an app call " VLC " . It have the capacity to play video at full screen without those black bars, You have just to transfer downloaded movies from other applications to VLC and connect your "lighting digital av adapter" then play the transferred movie .

  5. Dear Nuno V,

    Thanks for your tutorials on enabling Ipad 1 video mirroring to TV jailbreak  for 4.3 & 5.01 without jailbreak.

    My Ipad 1 is 5.1.1.
    I tried the easier one with PC and downloaded Plist Editor Pro and iExplorer for Windows both. The iExplorer new edition now requires jailbreak for Roots access.

    So I downloaded Absinthe 2.04 for Windows and jailbroke with much effort to get the right file folder 2750 kb and not the 5339kb one to execute application of Absinthe on my Ipad 1. I could not find the iHacksRepo for Source Display Out on Cydia. I know nothing about using SSH to go the Roots.

    And I had to mix your jailbreak method with the iExplorer, the newer edition does not open the root files straight away. I took quite a search for free serial key for registration to use the iExplorer. I got lost after Springboard.app, I scrolled and found no K48AP.plist file. After many times, I clicked on the right subfolder and finally located the K48AP. It did not work as your Mac one, scrolled through Springboard.app and got right to the file.
    I got the K48AP dragged to desktop and at first trying to add a new child for display-mirroring like you did on Mac Plist Editor Pro. Windows one is different and no straight forward editing like Mac one.

    Finally, I got it right thanks to one tutorial by the kind person link below. It was tutorial for TextWrangler. So I tried and finally managed to key in the two lines required before the displayport with <, key, >, /, true, not boolean, yes. Then I drag the edited K48AP.plist back to iExplorer and saved to overwrite the old one.


    My iPad 1 now can mirror out to My TV.

    Thanks again for your generosity.

  6. I may sound like an idiot but, Do you need a cord?


  8. I found that it made the picture bigger but not the whole screen- tbh I don't really mind because at least I'm getting about 20% more of my TV screen being taken up.

  9. You irritated the fuck out of me in the begining but thanks

  10. Because it's Jailbroken and where is the camera ?

  11. can I use AV TV RCA Video cable

  12. Ps he also has the apple VGA adapter which mirrors for the iPad 2 without being jailbroken,I'm not moved

  13. That's not an iPad 1 it has iMovie on his iPad. iPad 1 won't even download iMovie…I tried

  14. You are The man i love you

  15. @NightFox1972 No, it's INCPO I have one myself.

  16. How to get Paid Apps for Free with full tutorial in description v=NWtSGoYAWd4

  17. @miguelduarte91
    Obrigado pelo comentário. Abr.

  18. Do you know if this works on apple tv 2 with iPhone 4s?

  19. mine didn't show any picture on any of the resolutions. It only showed the dot that represented my finger touching the screen. Please help.

  20. @TomGTX
    I Have a new video on my channel regarding this tweak " Enable Multitouch Gestures and Mirroring on iPad 1 with IOS 5"
    Hope it helps

  21. I did everything and the maximum I got is displaying videos and pictures. Help.

  22. Jesus, speak up and get to the point!

  23. work on itouch 4g?
    please help!!! 🙂

  24. @geespider Thank you

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