We revisit the original Apple iPad 1, and discuss whether or not consumers should still consider the device at the $100 street price.
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  2. The iPhone 3GS works better then the iPad 1 even Throw it was made in 2010 and the iPhone 3GS was made in 2009
    Because the iPad 1 ended on iOS 5.1.1 and the iPhone 3GS ended on iOS 6.1.6

  3. Keep it like new. I have my iPad 1 like new. Love it when i have to play music, see photos and play some classic games. Battery is still a beast after almost 10 years.

  4. Ipad 1 is not working anymore

  5. ipad 2nd gen is not supported from 2017 but its more useful than ipad 1st gen.

    iPad 1st gen
    iOS 2.3.4 – iOS 5.1.1 End of support date 2013
    256MB Ram
    1.00 Ghz cpu
    800×600 resolution
    It not supports many apps like games or social media apps.

    iPad 2nd gen
    iOS 4.0 – iOS 9.3.5 End of Support date 2017
    512MB Ram
    1.20 GHz Cpu
    1024×768 resolution
    It supports ios 9. Too many apps requires 7.0 8.0 or 9.0 B

  6. expensive piece of shit.

  7. I have I pad 1 edit:it’s lost 🙁 edit2:I have iPad 6 now

  8. The iPhone 4 can actually do slightly more

  9. Thats what im using right now, and i dont know if i can still use it now

  10. Good useful information

  11. I still have an iPad one that I bought nearly 9 years ago. I use it everyday to play games and browse the internet. The battery life is still great. What are you all complaining about. Stop taking things for granted.

  12. how can i fix the error i get when opening youtube…. says error connecting to youtube tap to retry?

    and it says cant connect to itunes store when i hit update youtube

  13. This video is 4 years old. Why is it appearing in my dashboard now?

  14. my ibad screen burned .. its black and white line ! how to fix this?! plz

  15. Watching on my iPad Air

  16. I just bought me a iPad?

  17. Lol. I still use my ipad 1. 🙂

  18. Watching this on I pad pro 10.5

  19. Watching this on iPad 1s generation in 2018

  20. Haha Ipad pro 12.9 use

  21. i have ipad 1 and i still use it in 2018

  22. Watching this on my iPad 2017

  23. I'm watching this on my iPad 2 or iPad 3 I don't which model this is.

  24. I had an Ipad 2 for like 5 years. Then one day the screen stopped working. I couldn’t even unlock it. Now I’m typing this on my Ipad Air 2, which I’ve only had for a year.

  25. Hey anyone wants to buy my Ipad 1? because i want to buy iphone lol.

    1. can on
    2. touchscreen works well
    3. 64GB
    4. Silver back, front black
    5. Button works well
    6. my mom broke the screen's color. it used to be fine but my mom press the ipad too hard in her bag and the color becomes green :')
    ^ maybe if u push again it will comeback (i've done that several times and it works)
    7. there's game inside such as 10 ways to die, kakaotalk, line, cut the rope, and many i forgot (15 apps maybe?)
    8. Yeah you still can download another apps (IOS 5.4)

    if you interested :v comment down below and the price you want. i'll take the best price. REAL NO FAKE 🙂

    *i'll ask my mom also if she allows me to sell it 😀

  26. Watching this on iPad Pro

  27. I was gonna get this but then I picked up an iPad Air on Letgo for $150 I love it A7 chip good to watch movies play games YouTube whatever check social media sold my iPad mini 2 for it cuz I like a 9.7 inch screen but my 1st iPad was an iPad mini 1st gen

    Basically of u don’t do much then pick up an iPad 1st but if u want a lot of power on your iPad then an iPad 4 and later would be a good starter iPad 1 & 2 are for basic using

  28. The screen looks like my iPod 5

  29. Just got my ipad 1 and its 2017. After jailbreak its actually ok to use

  30. Do not buy it. I have the first generation. I have had it for 6-7 years already, and it barely works.

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