I was going to film a video and photo editing test on my new 2019 iPad 10.2″ when I realized… I was out of storage! So I thought I’d share a quick video covering my take on the 32GB iPad, telling you who it’s for and who it definitely isn’t for.

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  1. I disagree about the downloading of content… you can download about 12 episodes of a tv show for about 1gb that's like 12 hours of content on the go

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  3. I bought the 32gb iPad before watching this video and I can say you are absolutely right. I bought it for browsing, writing a little and photo editing and mostly to have peek into the apple ecosystem. So far I can’t understand why I am running out of space despite having minimal apps.can you suggest how to manage storage in a better way.

  4. Am I the only one who have 32gb iPhone and it has 9 Gb left??

  5. What external storage can I connect to it?
    and how? HDD, SSD ?

  6. How much game can you stored in 32gb?

  7. how much free space when the 32gb unit literally out of the box

  8. I just got the iPad 7th Gen 32 GB ??, but it’s best for me to give it to my daughter for school. 128 GB is enough for me because I have a iPhone 11 128 GB.

  9. We should not encourage Apple to offre 32 gb. The answer is "NO" , in 2020 64 Gb should be a minimum, shame on Apple. ?

  10. Well the more you think about where we are heading the more you'd consider a 32gb iPad. if your streaming, reading, drawing, taking notes, typing up a report this is for you it won't take up that much storage. now if you plan on downloading a bunch of things then you'll need more storage.

  11. I will buy the i pad but 128gb is to much to pay for me but i think 32gb is not enough because i will use only procreate with it. Is 32gb enough?

  12. i am F*cked….
    Bought ipad Air 64GB and few week ago installed Lumafusion. started editing, F*ck… run out of memory.
    (i cannot find Lighting to USB3 Camera Adaptor in India so I stored clips on the iPad Storage)

    I stored 20 Clips (total around 28GB) and that's the maximum no of Clips i going to Use to make a 1 video (17-20min)
    will 256GB iPad is enough for me??? since my budget dont allow me To Buy iPad Pro 512GB.

  13. I have a 64gb iPad Air 2 that I've had for going on 4 years and I've used 17 gb's in that time running 13.3 iPad OS. I stream Netflix, Prime among a few others. Some photos and apps that I use pretty consistently. I don't game or do any editing, so in my case 32gb's would be fine for me but at the same time, I prefer to have more storage just in case.

  14. Why should you pay 100€ for some GB?

  15. Hi! I have a question, I really need your help, hopefully you read this and maybe you reply or make a short video. Is 16GB enough? Specifically, I want to buy for a 6 year old boy a tablet, and I really can't find anything good in my country. Best option basically out of two, is a Lexibook educative tablet only in 16GB. Is that enough? It has a microSD slot, but as I have been reading, not all apps can be installed on that. So is that an option. Is it not? Should I think about getting a different present? Thank you in advance. I have half a year time to decide. Thanks again.

  16. What if you just want to play games on your ipad I.e only games?

  17. I got 128 just for this

  18. I am too poor getting 128gb, I bought the 32gb. I am mostly streaming, I am not gaming or downloading large files.

  19. Looking to buy my first iPad ever…super annoyed that Apple doesn't support external memory cards. Anyway – your video was super helpful – considering getting the 64GB iPad Mini instead of the regular iPad since I mostly just want to use the iPad to doodle and draw.

  20. Okay.. so a quick question.. As per the latest deals in the Black Friday sale, which one would you recommend: 32GB @ $249 or 128GB @ $329?

  21. I wanted to be able to pencil in my notes with some dimensional drawings, which got me interested in the new iPad. So I looked at my 2017 iPad to see how much of the 128GB I was using, 17GB… lol. I don’t game, mobile gaming sucks, I don’t photo edit or video edit. I’m just an engineer. I have data sheets and PDFs which all sit on iCloud. The 32GB iPad is for just what he said. Notes, web based stuff, streaming, and this iPad does it very well.

    That doesn’t apple isn’t playing some BS here. The cost of storage between 32 and 64 has to be nothing to them. This 32 or 128 is all to make the extra $100

  22. The only video that tells me exactly why I have to like & comment.
    There you go, I commented.

  23. 32 gb is nice for me ?

  24. hey noah ive a question, how do you pair your ipad? i mean, do you use the same icloud of your iphone in your ipad or do you use another? i tell you that because, ill have soon my ipad and i dont know if start the ipad with my actuali iphone icloud. please answer me. regards from guatemala

  25. You should always buy the iPad or iPad Pro with as much gb as you can afford. You will have it a long time and you don’t know what apps might come out that you can live without.

  26. Great video. Whenever this subject comes up I always hear a lot of people saying they'll get 32GB because "Well I'm only using 32GB on my phone so a 32GB iPad will be plenty", but I think that neglects the fact that an iPad and a phone are different. If you already own an iPhone, and you're buying an iPad, there's a reason you're buying one. There are things that are just better with the bigger screen. From watching movies, to playing games, to the digital art and note-taking possibilities. There are a ton of things you'll be doing on your iPad that you never did on your phone, so you're almost certainly going to be using significantly more space.

    I'm barely using much space on my 2019 AIr, around 35GB or so since I don't have much on it, but that's already more than 3x what I'm using on my phone (about 8GB).

    I think really the 32GB and 64GB iPads are best suited for people primarily relying a lot on cloud storage, who don't need much offline storage, and who don't need to install a huge number of apps, like you said. I do hope Apple upgrades the base storage options though. I don't think there should be a 32GB model in 2019. Really the base model should be 128GB IMO, or at least 64GB if nothing else. iPads are closer and closer to laptops in terms of what you do with them, and no longer really best compared against phones. Imagine if Apple tried to sell a 32GB Macbook.

  27. Does sd card adapter work with this iPad ?
    Plz make video about that.

  28. Why does everybody sleep on the 2017 iPad Pro? It’s literally the second most powerful iPad that exists currently (behind the 2018 Pro of course) and it has all the features that the 2018 pro has except usb c and Apple Pencil 2 support.
    I bought a 10.5” 256gb model for only $400 on eBay and its such a beast for literally anything!
    If you’re looking for an iPad to buy that’s not the 2018 Pro, buy the 2017 Pro

  29. you would appreciate if we like comment, we would appreciate if you left in the description all the social media links of your friends!

  30. Wuz goodie, its your boy Noah boat…… Oops wrong channel… (Love your videos BTW ?)

  31. i want the pro max so bad ?? but i cant affordit lol

  32. Im the only one that uses only 10GB including the software lol

  33. I am sorta the wrong person to ask, as I’m a power user of all my devices. But for me, it’s 64GB and up or bust. I was thinking of getting the 64GB iPad mini (even though it would’ve been a downgrade from my past 128GB iPads), but everyone told me no. And, I was using just under 64GB on my 128GB iPads. Now I use about 100GB on my iPad (probably because I know I have the room to), I am so glad I didn’t pick the 64GB. When I was looking to get my iPhone SE my iPad was a mini 2 128GB, so I chose to go 128GB on my iPhone. Again, I probably could go by with 64GB (I use only 40GB) but I’d rather have the piece of mind and future-proofing that more storage gives me. I don’t plan to upgrade to a 256GB phone, as I don’t need THAT much (unless 128GB wasn’t an option), and I use my iPad for 80% of my things at the moment, but when I upgrade, it’s 128GB, not 32GB, not 64GB, not 256GB.

  34. Thanks Noah, I decided to take a look at my storage for the first time since purchasing my iPad and I have already used 43gb and I’ve only had this iPad for a few months. While I don’t have any games I have downloaded a few movies and I lot of music to use when I’m not online, so for me 32 would simply not due. I bought this iPad Pro 10.5 with probably to much space at 512gb but since it was an open boxed item at Best Buy I only paid $552 so I think I’m good for quite awhile. Thanks for the video as always ?

  35. If you only do the most basic of basic things, and don’t put many apps/games on there, probably. Web browsing, E-Mail checking, etc.

  36. No, it isn’t enough. Maybe back in 2015-2016 it was, but now it isn’t.

  37. Great video Noah! Buying enough storage is always a dilemma, that has been one ☝️of my big hang ups in buying a new iPad Pro this year. In 2016 when I purchased my present ? iPad Pro I opted for 128 Gb and that has been perfect ? but NOW with the implementation of iPad OS the options of what you can do with your iPad is mind boggling ???????????⌨️???????✏️?❓❓I know 256 is the smallest I am going to consider BUT do I go for broke and get the 1T ❓❓❓❓❓

  38. Noah do you use a screen protector on the iPad?

  39. For an iPhone it has to be 64GB or more
    For an iPad it has to be 128GB or more

    That’s how I do it

  40. You know that you can just by a third party adapter and then plug in a sd card or flash drive so you can download movies from there.

  41. Absolutely not. Still don't know why the base storage isn't 64gb? Most people would buy this to download apps (TV shows, games, school things etc). I know cloud storage exists but some people like having things offline. Also I feel it's better to spend a bit extra and future proof the device. You don't want to be the person deleting apps to make space for updates.

  42. Where can we get that wallpaper?

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