The iPad 10.2 was largely overshadowed by being released around the same time as the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch Series 5, and even though this iPad was only a minor update, it is also one of Apple’s best valued products ever released.

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  1. The iPad 7th generation is currently $250 on Amazon, consider using my affiliate link to purchase it:

  2. If your new to it I think u should get it

  3. Is this a good iPad to upgrade to if you’re coming from a 2013 iPad Air?

  4. Dude I have iPad 7gen it is the best iPad for gaming and drawing

  5. Which colour should I get? I can’t decide between the gold and the space gray one. I love how the space gray looks but I can’t really get used to the black frame. Which colour do you guys have?

  6. Watching this on my iPad 2019 10,2” 7th generation

  7. I love this iPad. I bought an Apple Pencil and I think it’s been a wonderful “laptop replacement” lately. It does everything I need it to do.

  8. I swear my iPad seven has a laminated screen I do not see any gaps

  9. Best purchase I ever made

  10. Hi! Will iPad 10.2 still work fine in 2024?

  11. Watching from my ipad 10.2

  12. The back camera is better quality then my phone

    But the front camera- omg, I literley own a horrible samsung phone and my front camera is better then that, by only like 0.2 megapixels, but still

  13. I am going to get one in 12 March, so exited as it will be my first iPad!

  14. You got this sub and like for protoss pylon ?

  15. You haven’t told me anything I can’t get from the Apple website. ?

  16. I just ordered the basic 32 GB iPad 7gen via my credit card rewards, as my very first iPad I do more content manipulation on my desktop, but plan do do my content consuming on my ipad, reading, browsing, listening and watching.

  17. I would buy this to takes university notes with the Pencil and for various streaming, but I'm afraid it wont be supported for long. I know, A10 chip works very well, but it already has 4 years, how many ios versions and new waves of apps could it handle?

  18. What did you use to edit the photo?

  19. I am watching it 120 days later

  20. OK, so I am watching this on my iPad 7th gen 128Gig version… because it was $100 less than he stated here. Thanks to the discount, this has been a really good buy.

  21. Do you think an A10 chip is worth the savings? I mean, I would like my iPad to last long, but also I don't need to use it for hard work.

  22. The real bargain is the 2017 IPad Pro 10.5 inch going for about the same price

  23. Will It be beneficial for me if I buy it??

  24. I got this iPad 7th Gen with T-Mobile

  25. i am staying at home for uni and i have a pc at home for my work but i will need something light and cheap for uni and on the go should i get this with the pen and keyboard and a mouse at some times or a laptop ( i don’t really want a laptop as most will be heavy and expensive and i don’t need high specs as i have got a pc already) but will i be able to cope with the ipad or will i want a laptop ( i will mainly be using the office apps like word and powerpoint)

  26. anyone know if this ipad can run x plane 10 mobile global

  27. Give me an accessory keyboard with a touchpad (and corresponding iOS support for precise trackpad use instead of the current "assistive" mouse support) and I'm all over it.

  28. Watching this on

    iPad Air 3

  29. Should i Get 32GB or 128GB

  30. Watching on my new ipad 7th gen loveit

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