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  1. Great review, got my wife one for Christmas to replace her old one that can’t run iPad OS.❗️?✅

  2. I just got it from T-Mobile last week and is 128 gb and I am having fun with it and is the 7 generation

  3. Great video but I just want to punch your face don’t know why sorry.

  4. No one who has been covering this new iPad has detailed its most important new feature. An extra gig of ram. 3 instead of 2. 2 gigs was last years model. If you have stuff given to you then you probably won’t look for the differences between models. I for example, can’t afford a pro anything. This new, what you can budget, iPad is very nice. It replaced a 2017 iPad that was in pristine condition. The extra gig of ram means that you will be waiting to load commonly ran programs less often. The Apple Pencil and the smart connector are nice. The extra screen real estate is nice too. If you don’t have a grand or more to drop on an iPad …this could be the one for you. Consider getting the 128 gig if you have media that you want to locally access.

  5. A10 is 3 years old but it's still more than capable in day-to-day use. Keep in mind that A10 single core performance on Geekbench can go toe to toe with even the sd855. You're not gonna experience any lag anytime soon, at least not before modern android flagship starts to get obsolete

  6. I love that wallpaper. Plz can you share it?

  7. Those huge bezels are a deal breaker . Looks like an iPad from 2010

  8. I don't understand why they didn't laminate the screen. You're better off getting any other iPad with a laminated screen. then the crappy budget iPad. IMO

  9. I have the iPad air, but I would like to buy the iPad Mini

  10. This will be my first iPad since the iPad 2 in 2012. I currently study illustration at university, and need something to take notes on, and create illustrations. The screen is a great size for me, as I personally find the pros too large, and the minis too small. It's the first device I'll own with apple pencil support (which in all honesty is my main reason for getting the device). Personally, it's a great iPad for someone like me who haven't owned an iPad in a long time (if not ever), but if you already own an iPad released within the last couple of years, you don't necessarily need to upgrade.

  11. $329 , plus free Apple TV plus for a year ., perfect for people like me who mostly use it for streaming

  12. I want to buy this ipad, but its oke to A10 chip? Its only stand for 2 or 3 years?

    By the way you look nice lol

  13. Lightning kit link doesn’t work.

  14. Is it so hard to consider that this update is targeted towards new buyers, or people with iPads much older than the sixth generation model? Most hardware updates are not targeted towards the people who bought the previous model. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

  15. Thanks bruh. Nice unboxing!!

  16. does it works so well do for drawing ?

  17. Pass that screen isn’t laminated and you can see the black bezels

  18. Amazing video and yes as you said in 4:354:37 I want to see more videos about this iPad especially compare to other iPads

  19. Should grab the 2017 iPad Pro ASAP now

  20. That processor is embarrassing. Everyday I am glad I got my iPad Pro 2017. It’s great not super expensive like the current iPad Pro is and not super outdated in specs like the current iPad and air are.

  21. Other than the display: not an upgrade to the older Modell. Really. Compare it on the Apple website. Smart connector for a keyboard that costs half of the iPad? No deal. Get the old one for $230 or so

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