The new 7th generation iPad comes with a brand new 10.2″ Retina display, Apple Pencil support, and a Smart Keyboard connector for attaching a physical keyboard. However the biggest feature might just be that this $329 iPad runs Apple’s latest operating system, iPadOS.

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  1. I have that iPad I was buy in Christmas 2019

  2. You look like Australian cricketer Steve Smith
    Very informative video

  3. Bro is it 249$ in usa

  4. This is so beneficial, thank you so much ?

  5. Thank you for your review! I bought space gray day before yesterday.

  6. I’m getting it in May 21st the last day of school!

  7. All I want to do is emails, research and media consumption. What about good bluetooth keyboards? Apple keyboard is a pathetic waste of money and let's be honest nobody who buys a 300 dollar ipad will buy 150 dollar keyboard einsteins!

  8. I got this yesterday

  9. 7:52 there’s an alien in the reflection

  10. Thank you, this is very helpful. I watched some other reviews and all they did was compare it to other iPads. Thank you.

  11. I have an ipad 2019 and I love it

  12. Guess on what I’m watching this right now

  13. I got this Ipad for xmas & I love it!!

  14. I want an ipad but , I don't have much money to buy one, and I only have 20 bucks.

  15. used christmas money and trade in money for my mini 4 to buy a 7th gen ipad earlier tonight

  16. Hi, May i know the exact dimensions of the box ? i can't find it, would appreciate.

  17. Deal at Best Buy for $249

  18. I want to know if it can connect AirPods to it

  19. I’m getting this iPad soon! I don’t care for the updated stuff and little things like True Tone. I just think I want a nice, simple iPad that can let me write easily and maybe draw! I definitely want that keyboard, but I’m not rich at all so I don’t think I can afford it atm

  20. I am getting my iPad on Saturday …

  21. I’m getting this iPad tomorrow and I’m OVER THE MOON!

  22. I'm getting one for Christmas with the wifi + cellular so I can text call facetime and bring it with me without needing wifi which is great for school. It's going to be all mine and is going to replace the family ipad 4 and replace my phone because its a samsung thats really bad and slow. I might get the apple pencil because im a young artist (13) 🙂 then im going to try to get an iphone 7 when im older

  23. To me latest and greatest doesn't matter
    The IOS and ram matters
    I prefer something like A9 and 2 ram or A10 and 2 ram (like iPad 2019) and so on. 3 ram even better

  24. I got it for $224 today?

  25. i’m getting this and a first gen pencil for christmas!! super excited
    i also got it for $250 for black friday

  26. Is this good as a first apple product because I've just borrowed an ipad from school and it's quite good.

  27. wow…at first I went on amazon I didn't believe it was so cheap! I was afraid it might be a scam

  28. You cant put a sim card

  29. Bro Indeed Your Help Me From India But Iont Have any iPad For Gaming Can You Buy FoR me Mesage

  30. Great review! I wanted to get this because I am an Android person but I have close friends who are truly "Apple Heads" ? lol so I shocked them and said I'm crossing over to the dark side or would it be the bright side ?? Well either way here I am baby! I'm lost I don't even know what to do with this iPad but it was such a good deal I could not pass it up! So far I'm told that I could FaceTime my Apple friends?

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