In this review we are looking to see if the affordable Apple iPad 10.2 (7th Generation) is worth it for you to do some mobile photo and video editing while on the fly.

Items mentioned in this Video:
Paper-like screen protector for iPad:
Apple Pencil:
iPad Case:
Bluetooth Keyboard :

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  1. The gold color is lit in ipad 10.2 . It has a matte finish and feels slippery so to add grip, I applied a full body screen protector from gadgetshieldz

  2. I have a question, I work as a social media manager and I am still thinking if I should buy this iPad or not. I know there is no Instagram app for iPad but does it support the floating split screen mode and shows an iPhone layout of the app? I hope it does. Thank you!!

  3. Thanks for the honest review.

  4. Hey so am on a budget and i will be subscribing to your channel. Am trying to figure out what to get and i may use this for video editing. Am just starting off and was thinking about a gopro or zoom q2n 4k for my video but wanted feed back and see your thoughts. Really enjoyed for the video

  5. Dope content bro.. Detroit in the building!!!!!!

  6. Great video, now stop using your jedi mind tricks to make me think apple products are legit. You got me interested in this tablet bro

  7. It's 32GB enough for daily use? Just for drawing ,taking notes and editing photos.

  8. I want to see more about the a7ii pls

  9. Pls post more photography stuff

  10. I edit photos in Affinity. Its a great alternative to photoshop.

  11. Thanks, my main man! I’m currently looking at an iPad Pro, just weighing up the pros & cons and seeing what works for my scenario in the field. Otherwise I might just go for a MacBook Pro if all else fails. But this video has helped filling the void as it were, so I thank you! Cheers Caleb

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