Is the CHEAPEST Ipad good enough for digital art? Let’s Find out! Make sure to check out PaperLike for your matte screen protector!


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  1. The voice is making me nervous..?

  2. Couldn't bear to finish it cause it was so bad… -_- … Seriously dude…

  3. Brother , if you like to sell your iPad . I like to buy it , I'm student and searching for used iPad . ☺️
    And I like you review so much

  4. Thank you soooooooooooo much. I was of a gr8 help??

  5. No entendí nada de lo que decía pero es relajante

  6. I ended up getting the air, it has slightly smaller side bezzels and besides that a laminated display, less GB though if you choose the basic model, was ‚just‘ 100 dollars more but it was my birthday and Christmas gift so I decided to go for it because I was sure I would apply paperlike and I saw a video that shows that the text becomes blurry when you apply a matte screen protector on it, I haven’t tested that irl though.
    I love it and I hope that you love your iPad as well no matter which one you have 🙂
    And btw josh, I feel the sentence where you say that you feel quite cropped, I mean going from a 12 inch to 10 is quite meh but as one of the people who use their iPad for drawing and have ‚just‘ 10 inches, I can say that I don’t feel cropped at all :3

  7. My GF is sometimes working on my Macbook and she told me that she's always sad when she has to go back to her windows laptop to work on it… she's an artist and her priority is an oil painting.. but I want to buy her an iPad instead of laptop, since she needs it only for student purposes, writing and stuff, but i think that it would be awesome if she actually could do some sketches and stuff for her paintings on an iPad and safe a lot of space and expensive materials. Do you think that this iPad 10.2 would be a good choice?

  8. let's just said this vid as ergojosh inertia effect

  9. Im so late but how did u split the pic and canvas ?

  10. I was planning on buying the Ipadpro 2018 11 one(and I'm broke?)…but seeing the reviews and the comments I guess I'll just save for this one? this will be good enough for my drawings!!!
    Having a tablet is really convenient for drawing and this is enough for me who is struggling financially to buy the Ipad pro..I mean it would take me a year of savings?

  11. Is there any best free app for drawing in iPad 7th gen .

  12. I'm working on an ipad 7 and I've been having problems with my line art, it gets very pixelated even though I don't zoom in. I thought this may have something to do with my ipad but I'm not so sure since all the reviews I've seen don't mention any problems with the resolution of the ipad 7 vs the ipad pro. i would appreciate some advice on this matter and what is causing it as well as what I can do to fix it.

  13. I love my 7th gen iPad. I'm used to drawing on a 13 inch Cintiq-style graphics tablet but I haven't had any issues using the 10.2 iPad. You are correct that the screen is a bit more slippery than the iPad Pros but this is easily remedied with a matte screen protector. I know so many people who have pros who still use Matte or Paper-like screen protectors in which case the surface of the pro and budget are the same. Everything else works great. I was concerned that the non-laminate screen would bother me (since my graphics tablet is a bonded display) but it's not an issue at all. I don't notice any parallax and, when drawing, the mark always appears right under where the pen touched. I think this iPad is great for people just starting digital art and, once you have a screen protector, the drawing experience is just as good as the smaller iPad Pros.

  14. Hard to pay attention to the video when ur soothing voice is making me fall asleep!

  15. Dude your voice is S O relaxing lol new sub!!

  16. Nice video! I just posted my workflow on how i use just only my ipad for commissioned graphic design. It’s actually cheaper and mobile. You guys can start too with what you have. It’s all about your creative process

  17. i will buy it next month

  18. Wait, you sound sexy what I'm shoookkkkk

  19. I can’t wait to get this in 3 months!!! I hope I can get an Apple Pencil eventually. Most people aren’t gonna have the problems you had. All the other iPads would have that problem, not just this one. You can also turn Siri off and out the screen protector on there. Most of us don’t have huge hands either

  20. I got an iPad Pro that size a while back thinking it'd be good for travel. My hands are more towards the smaller side but I still find it uncomfortable to draw on. I have a glass screen protector on mine instead of matte so that probably doesn't help. Plus I'm used to a 21UX cintiq in my office :p

  21. ?◼️Dual tone◻️?

  22. ???
    Frightening Voice!!! (& hands too)

  23. anyone talk about his hands 2 different colours

  24. Which ipad for less than 500 euros has the best specs?

  25. first time seeing one of your videos but that voice got you a new subscriber tho

  26. I'm going to be honest, I had to restart the video cause I got caught in your voice

  27. The video I've been searching for all this while. Thank you for making this.

  28. Well, my hand barely covers my phone so I don't think the size will be a problem for me ?

  29. Wow u have suh a nice voice wow

  30. The only reason I need to buy a new iPad is that it can’t connect to the Apple Pencil. Drawing with my finger for hours hurts.

  31. does paperlike protector help slippery drawing ?

  32. This video came by in a playlist, but I really needed to watch it because of your voice. You should do something with that! It sounds really peacefully!

  33. My throat hurts hearing him talk ?

  34. This man said iPad Pro has an always on display you just gotta touch it ??? lmfao I can’t I’m deadddd

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