A look at the new video mirroring feature of the iPad 2. Uses the new Apple Digital AV Adapter/HDMI Adapter to display nearly all iPad output, in addition to mirroring the display. Also comparison with the original iPad.

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  1. How can I get it to play on both screens?

  2. Video mirroring without connecting cables is really a great innovation .
    I am evaluating Prijector right now and found really interesting .If
    someone here knows about any good device that can share my screen
    irrespective of OS,kindly do reply here

  3. Does the sound really go through the cable to the tv?

  4. Question: Using iPad 4, When I connect to a projector that does not have speakers, I need to connect the audio to a sound system. I have the appropriate adapters. (Rocketfish lightning to HDMI and 3.5 mini to XLR adapter) How do I ensure I get my audio?

    I had an issue where on the test run, everything worked fine with both video on projector screen and audio in the sound system, but during the actual display I got video but no audio. When I unplugged the headphone (3.5 mini) cable and replugged I could hear the static of the connector grounding out until fully seated but the video's audio did not come out. If I unplug HDMI cable everything plays properly on iPad.

    So confused.

  5. that is not video mirroring, it's video output
    i have the new ipad. i need video mirroring when i connect it to a projector i need the ipad as a monitor when i play a video, can you help me with this.

  6. Umm i have the one where you connect it and all you can do is show videos on a simple app and umm i wasn't happy with it at all it had shitty quality and shitty signal display and i think with this is better with what he has with that accessory on ipad 2 and it displays it on the tv as well.

  7. I heard that it lags when playing/streaming movies and videos, is it true?

  8. *(red blue and green)

  9. If I were to convert the hdmi cable into component (red blue and red) cables, would mirroring still be supported? Because I only have one hdmi enabled screen in my house and I don't want it to be the only one I can mirror on…

  10. apple wants to have you use an ipad for business , not only for personal use, right? When you connect your ipad to a beamer and give a demonstration of some software, you could end up needing to type in a password. Unfortunately, when putting it on the big screen, the password will show briefly each entered character. I would have expected that this tethering to another source would suppress that. It already makes a distinction for videos, so why not have the password functionality included?

  11. I really want this but is it worth it for £30 ?

  12. No way,your telling me that if I buy that cord I can use safari on my Mac from my iPad that's so useful

  13. Can you view the iPad on any TV or does it need to be an apple product?

  14. Very helpful information! I found this website (21stclassusa com) that sells stands that hold your ipad in practically any position so you can work hands-free. It also has info on setting up mirroring using other kinds of connections. I love technology!

  15. cool. does this also work with keynote? and if yes to i have the presenter screen on the ipad then or just the same image that is displayed on the imac?

  16. Is it possible to lock the ipad 2 while playing a video (to prevent accidental play/pause and to conserve battery)? Also there were a lot of people complaining that it doesn't work, is it a long term issue or are some of them faulty from the factory? Thanks, and great review!

  17. the walking elephant on the ipad2 looked kinda laggy. are you experiencing lag on your display, or is that just my youtube?

  18. Can you give us a video of how to set it all up

  19. If you have a jailbroken Ipad 1 you can download the app called DisplayOut and do exactly what the ipad 2 does with the mirroring. No limits

  20. are there any knockoffs yet?

  21. 3 people have an ipad 1

  22. do you have screen bleeding problems?

  23. @wwwinsanelygreatmac ok. it is a real device.

  24. @blackberrylover111 My point is I have a product in hand now doing something vs something that promises to do something at some future date. There are a lot of mythical products out there. I'd rather talk about features and how those features work on devices actually available to buy.

  25. @wwwinsanelygreatmac there coming out sometime this summer. If you go to crackberrydotcom on YouTube they have some videos or blackberrys website.

  26. so you can use this HDMI on your macbook and it will work ? How much does this cost?

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