The 7th generation 2019 iPad replaces the 9.7-inch iPad that came out earlier this year. It remains the same price but gets a few sweet little upgrades and runs the new iPad OS. One of the best deals in tech right now. Watch for the full review!

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iPad (2019) 10.2″ –

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  1. Here it is the brand new iPad 10.2-inch 2019! Probably one of the best deals in tech right now! Hit me up on discord if you have any questions.

  2. People talking about the processor as last year me sitting here play fortnite on 60 FPS on a iPad 10.2

  3. Though your are presenting Apple, your backgrounds shows Windows has always been in your heart

  4. too small. three more inches and I'd buy it.

  5. And mine was 909 dollars

  6. I got one of those for Christmas

  7. I was so bummed when I saw they kept the A10 processor from the 2018 iPad. I was also bummed when I realised they shipped it with such a ridiculously low amount of storage. I refuse to pay apples ludicrous storage prices. Those two reasons prevented me purchasing it. Such a shame

  8. Bought one the other day for 250. Seemed like a no brainer

  9. It would have been nice if it had a True Tone display, same with the iPhone 11

  10. Will the processor be capable to handle using like 15 tracks? (Games like pubg, temple run, lep's world..)

  11. Local Best Buy had them on sale for $250. The website said they had an open box for $220. I called and confirmed. Asked them to hold it for me and I was on my way. I got there and they didn’t have it. They put aside a Pro model by mistake. They ended up selling me a new one for $200 with a free case that was normally $40. I bought this just for international traveling for something to watch movies on at night and on the planes. Very happy with my purchase earlier this week and can’t wake for vacation in two weeks.

  12. 3 Months after launch, I Just bought it for $249, the best tablet for the price. $200 more for iPad Air just doesn't feel worth it!

  13. I just purchased one of these and absolutely love it. My first iPad and it does everything that I need it to ??

  14. my friends bitching to me about how I got this iPad honestly he can go screw himself

  15. People seem to expect high end specs on a cheap tablet. Smh

  16. Watching on the iPad and so far am loving

  17. Getting ipad air with pencil on 31 march 2020
    Very excited

  18. اﭑڪــٖۧﯛ ۦٰ،?♥️ֆ⇣˝ عرب ?

  19. I use the magic keyboard for mine.

  20. Just bought the 128 GB 7th Gen from Sam's Club for $319. A really great sale! I had the 32 GB for a few weeks but found that the OS took up so much room and looked around for a deal. Great video!

  21. It's not 329$ its 559$

  22. Its the best repackaging deal, not so much for new techs. Besides the screen size and smart connector, everything else is about 3 to 4 years old.

  23. I just bought this and i want to buy an apple pencil. Which one should I buy? there are two apple pencils and I’m scared that the one I’ll buy won’t work on 10.2 7th gen. ?

  24. I have been using iPad 10.2 for almost a month. The back of the iPad is a bit slippery and got scratches after some time. To protect it I ordered a full body screen protector from gadgetshieldz.

  25. FFS Apple ditch the thunderbolt port.

  26. I’m enjoying my one got for Christmas present off my husband

  27. Is it better to choose for daily basis excel work without any lag?

  28. I think what apple lacks in their line up is an ipad with perfect screen but not powerful processor. Only downside in this one for me is the screen. I would use tablet for only pdf viewing and note taking. I mean they have already 5 ipads in their line up already so maybe they could update the air's screen to pro level and let the ipad as cheap as possible. Also apple pencil 1st gen's charging method is ridiculous not to mention apple is still releasing tablets with only lightning port.

  29. A10 is also nice, just remember it's $329 only

  30. Tbh i’m glad they stayed with the a10 fusion, from my experience, the newer chipsets get really hot and I feel would be most likely to have throttle lag. The a10 is great and will last for many years.

  31. They are a lot of smart keyboards on the internet , is there only one version that fits all the iPads with the connectors or is there 10000 versions ?

  32. This better than the surface go? Can't decide between the two

  33. Australian dollars- 499 dollars rip

  34. Who watch video witth the same ipad


  36. I got my keyboard for 47.99 on amazon and it’s actually better than this keyboard. The keys are more tactile and they have a LED that you can change with the press of a button to a ton of different colors. I also found a pen with the same specs as the apple pen for 42.99 on amazon. Compare specs closely and shop wisely guys. Merry Christmas

  37. does it come with the keyboard and pen???

  38. Great review bro! ?

  39. is this good for mobile legend?

  40. it's on sale for $250 right now….is this a no-brainer purchase??

  41. Nice review I bought this to use because I’m at Uber driver its a perfect Device for me in my car

  42. I am getting mines tomorrow afternoon

  43. The iPad 10.2 looks sleek like any other iPad. The one thing I like more in this iPad is that it supports apple pencil and smart keyboard. But The matte finish back is slippery while holding the iPad in one hand. For protection and grip, I applied a black grunge skin from gadgetshieldz.

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