The 2019 10.2″ iPad is an AMAZING iPad for students. It’s like a cheaper iPad Pro and works with the Apple Pencil & Smart Keyboard! This review covers everything you need to know about this new iPad. Buy PaperLike V1: PaperLike V2: Thanks to PaperLike for sponsoring this video.

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Discounted education pricing for the…

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  1. should i get the 32gb?? i just want to use it for reading and note taking for class and there’s a $100 difference between the 32gb and 128gb…

  2. Got mine for $100 off. Loved it!

  3. 2-22-2020 on sale 249.00 amazon right now

  4. 4:50 SLOWTHAI FOR PM ????

  5. Hey, I really find it so student friendly. But, Apple’s personnel don’t. In India, It costs 420 USD for this 10.2 32gb Ipad. And it is too much around 100USD more than what You pay in US. I don’t know why Apple is doing this with Indians?. Do they want our house ownership for an Ipad??

  6. Everyone watches after buying

  7. You have to talk about Bluetooth because this iPad only gives Bluetooth 4.2 not 5? it's a really big cons.

  8. I'd much rather buy used 2017 iPad pro 10.5 with 120hz screen and stereo speakers

  9. I think they could give a A11 or 12 processer in it with type C as I m India it is basic requirement

  10. Bought the IPad and the Pencil last week and the Keyboard today. And I absolutely love it. Does everything I want it to do. Will use it for School and Work.

  11. Do u consider this a good substitute to paperback books?

  12. I got mine awile ago

  13. Just picked one up two days ago at bestbuy for $220 because I got rid of my 2017 iPad last year and wanted one for again for international traveling. Gives me something to do on the plane and at night for movies.

  14. There's iPad pro 10.5 in my country that is $660

  15. Is 32gb enough for the university? Just for taking notes, using office suits and browsing !!!

  16. Anyone knows some cool apps?

  17. At 5:38 why is it on a trash can?

  18. Why does this dude look like the brown version of Reaction Time

  19. does this work with the apple pencil 2?

  20. Very helpful thank you ?

  21. i hav not see more irrelevant review from this video // i never even bother to cover the basics // why do v need an ipad ? to scribble notes like you ??? what all it can do // wht all online softwares like crms and other marketing tools it can support // can we make a website on it // u say a perfect replacement ofa laptop but never told why ? .. sorry this was not at all a review was just a waste of 7 mins and 20 sec

  22. I just upgraded from my iPad 2, i forgot how cool iPads can be

  23. I got mine for only $19.99 (i converted into peso to usd ) with free pocket wifi and its all brand new :> i feel bless

  24. I want an Ipad to draw on procreate
    Is this good enough???

  25. is this good for video editing?

  26. I bought it it’s so good n smooth more than I think ??✌️??

  27. Can you tell till when it would get iOS update

  28. I’m Canadian, and my Walmart price matched Best Buy so I got 100$ off, plus my brother works at Walmart so I got his 10% discount lmao

  29. u look more like an intern at a fashion megazine or costume design than a techie

  30. it's $700 usd in my country because of tax smh ?

  31. I was going to get the iPad Pro but was like na because I’m also getting a Mac book so I’m not spending a lot of money

  32. Talfishman brought me here

  33. would it make sense to get this if i dont have any other apple devices? or are there complications? im an android/windows guy, but pretty much everyone refers to ipads when it comes to notetaking via tablet. im planning on switching to a tablet to take notes in university and organize my notes, so therefore im looking for a decent tablet

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