Special thanks to Zugu for sponsoring 9to5Mac on YouTube. Get the Zugu Muse case for iPad 7 today: – The 10.2-inch iPad 7 is the iPad that most people should buy. It’s $329 price is a great value for such a feature-filled tablet. Do you agree? Watch our hands-on video for the details.

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  1. Apologize for my terrible voice. Fighting the flu, but wanted to get this out. What are your thoughts on the iPad 7? Think it's a good value at just $329 (or less)?

  2. that case costs about $50?

  3. I have one, and it’s humongous ? but it’s alright.

  4. I’m getting a iPad 7 for my birthday

  5. I don’t mind the display.

  6. dumb question, can someone update the ipad 3 2019 to get the ipad OS? right?

  7. just bought my ipad 7.cwnt wait for it to arrive

  8. Couldn’t they add a flashlight and a A10X chip? ?

  9. Does it come with procreate?? I’m going to be poor and not able to buy a I tunes card if I buy this

  10. Bought one back on January, the non laminated display not really an issue for me, the glaring problem i just put on a matte screen protector, problem solve. I used mine for student work, games and watching movies. It works great?

  11. Got mine w/ the 128 gb option for $329.00 at Best Buy. Yes it’s the “cheapest” iPad…then again you r only paying $329 for this. If ur on a budget this will be more than okay with this device.

  12. Honestly, apple accessories are insanely expensive…kinda random but it needed to be said?❤

  13. What editing app is that sir in @7:48

  14. أدعو الله يرزقني حق ipad7 ٤٠ دعوة مستجابة إن شاء الله ?

  15. Apple PRODUCTS Are A RIP-OFF!!!!

  16. I have an IPhone7 plus and I was supposed to choose on my birthday whether to get a new phone or an IPad and I’m looking to getting this IPad but my birthday was in December…..my parents said I couldn’t get anything right now cuz they don’t have money?

  17. So the box doesn't contains Pen??

  18. I have this iPad the 128gb one with Apple Pencil and the Smart Keyboard and I love it. I’ve been using it at work actually more than my MacBook Pro and I haven’t ran into any issues where I’ve been needing to go back to my MacBook cause I couldn’t get something done on the iPad. And Compared to the original iPad Pro which the only difference it this has 3GB vs 4GB of ram this iPad is more powerful than the original iPad Pro.

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