Comparing the iPad (7th generation model) against the Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. Both tablets have similar screen sizes and were released in 2019.
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  1. Man, since when is more RAM a bad thing, don't be ridiculous

  2. Thanks again for this Video. This is my second comment here.
    I bought the IPAD 7th gen 32gb. last week for multimedia use, a bit of work and gaming. The Ipad is amazing how smooth to use and fast. the 32gb is plenty of space for me, after update done to ios13, i still have around 26 to 24 gb free. I come from IPAD AIR1 16Gb 1gb RAM.
    Multitasking with 3Gb RAM is plenty enough, i could keep alive in the RAM around 5 small games and 4 messages APP. I made a comparaison with my Samsung A5 2017 with 3gb RAM. the Samsung could just hold alive 3 small games and 3 basic email/messages APP. It is definitely true that IPAD and IPHONE hold much more apps in the RAM than Android. Another example I have an IPHONE SE with 2gb RAM it beat my Samsung A5 2017 in RAM management, amazing !.
    speaker are ok for my usage.
    The screen is 10.2 inches and top great.
    The screen format is 4/3, this is great for reading internet content and work or taking notes or drawing.
    The battery, on light usage after 2 days gaming and internet surfing i got 58% left. This is great for me. Remember this is a brand new battery over time it decreases.
    Ipad 7th have already support for apple pencil. if you need it one day you can use it. not the TAB S5E.
    WiFi signal reception is very strong and stable, this is not the case for Tab S5E. Check the web.
    Ipad is cheaper than Tab S5E
    Some peoples are reporting that apple store apps are optimized for IPAD, but this is not the case of Android. I don't know if this is true. check the web.

    My conclusion, don't go for Tab S5E, go with IPAD 7th or IPAD AIR, both are great and perfect products. You will not regret it i'm sure.
    I hope this will help you to chose your next tablet .

  3. Lawd,the iPad is ugly with those big bezels.

  4. 68 negative reviews. All Apple fanboys. lol

  5. The Ipad looks good I can't wait to get the tablet too in 2 months 😀

  6. Good review but the iPad is still ok fr it’s price

  7. With any IPAD you got more for your money then with any Android Tablet unfortunately. I found Samsung tablet expensive compared to IPAD.
    IPAD is no brainer. The Tab S5E should be named TAB A 32go and the price reduced to 250euro, this could make it the IPAD 7th killer hands down.

  8. Bought s5e, I love it 🙂

  9. But the screen quality is only 1536×2048 still on ipad 7th gen terrible
    The Tab S5e is 1600×2560 which is a wider 2k display

  10. No one has wifi 6 yet which is why they dont need it

  11. 8:04 the tab s5e and after this we see the ipad game play
    The ipad is better for graphics we are okay?

  12. It's simple, if you want a media consumption tablet the s5e is head and shoulders above the ipad. Internet and complex gaming is better on the ipad. The screen on the s5e and the speakers are both fantastic. Dolby atmos is a delight too.

  13. i think iPad winner because iPadOS is much beter than boring android. Also iPad is better than s5e on performance

  14. I had today tested both devices. the IPAD 7th Gen.10.2 was a winner when it comes to performance. I tried to open different web pages on both devices, every time IPAd process them almost instantaneously, Tab S5e sometime take few seconds to complete process a page. Navigating into web pages on IPAD was faster and smoother with minimum lags. Opening apps and games the IPAD was smoother and faster, gaming runs smoother on IPAD.. I'm disappointed because I was going to buy the Tab S5e . The truth is Samsung Tab S5e is an expensive Tab compare to IPAD.
    It looks like I'm going to buy the IPAD AGAIN ….

  15. Samsung S5e support stylus or no?

  16. Bought 1 of each at Christmas. Wife wanted Ipad myself the S5e. Had Harvey Norman from whom we purchased install quality laminated screen covers to both. Within 2 days Ipad developed air bubbles around the edge so I used the supplied protector applicator to gently push bubbles off. Then crack. First I thought, glad I bought screen protector. So lifted corner of the protector to discover it was the screen that cracked and transferred slither of glass onto the protector. Harvey Norman despite not putting the protector on properly causing the bubble refused to help apart from attempting a warranty claim for us they sent it back to Apple with explanation. Harvey Norman told us they would call us as soon as Apple had responded. After 19 days having heard nothing I phoned Harvey Norman and they broke me the news of Apple's rejection. I asked when they had received it back and they said just under 2 weeks prior. I will never buy another Apple product nor will I buy anything from Harvey Norman. I don't believe I put excessive pressure, I believe HARVEY NORMAN must have trapped in a manufacturing fault with the protector that gradually caused the bubble and that applying the applicator merely forced that manufacturing fault to crack the screen. BE WARNED. By the way my S5e is working perfectly.

  17. 4:50 what if the Mac is running Windows: will it still work?

  18. In which tablet Is better the gaming performance??

  19. Now, that’s a great comparison. Good job, keep up!

  20. Tab S5e is the clear winner here.

  21. Dude your smoking crack…. I was on Verizons site narrowed it down to these two…. IPad is 359 tab is 379….why wouldn't I spend $20 more for more features, and storage and a SD slot? I use a note 9 already…. But man iPad displays are amazing which is the only reason it was a contender till seeing this…. Mind you it's strictly for flying my dji drones so I don't have to use my phone…. I can't believe you'd suggest buying the iPad….. I'm a note fan all day but I considered the iPad as it's display imo is nicer…. You your just clearly a apple fan boy.

  22. Apple still using same design from the last 10 years. Still using the ancient and slow thunderbolt port that forces you to pay for overpriced adaptors, old LCD technology, iOS design also hasn't changed much in 10 years either. It seems when it comes to comparisons between Android and Apple, Android always gets critiqued the hardest and Apple gets praise for the smallest of improvements.

  23. The rear camera is actually really useful to scan documents, although the potato on the 7th gen ipad is more than enough

  24. Just don’t buy android tab unless u are changing it every 2 year

  25. Nice and competent review

  26. I'm looking forward to what the kool tech reviewers will say about tablet cameras when the new iPad Pro gets fancy cameras. But then, I'm an old person.

  27. I'm surprised you didn't mention Samsung DeX mode. It offers a Windows like desktop experience. You can use it on the Tab screen, or drive an external monitor. That makes the Samsung more versatile by far, imho.

  28. Samsung forever

  29. Holy cow, excellent review, no junky background music, easy to understand very informative, currently have ipad 10.2 7th gen but it's Proprietary Apple nature is its big downfall and lack of knowledgable support just more salt in the wound plus Apples limited selection of APs from….can't even get a decent keyboard AP…..the Samsung will be ordered soon, just tired of playing in Apples out dated little world!

  30. Imagine watching on my s5e?

  31. What!? More ram is bad? What you're saying is, the ipad 7th gen is better because it lacks the ram to keep apps open, so they automatically close saving battery life. If you changed android settings to kill apps when closed, it would last longer right? 2019 ipad isn't worth it unless it's on sale for $249. This is a strange comparison video.

  32. Mate what's the name.or the tablet holder u have

  33. For students which one is better then other

  34. How is the WiFi connection on yours Samsung tab S5E ?

  35. One note: S5e has power saving Oled display giving remarkable black

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