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Comparison between iPad Pro 11 and iPad Air 10.5: 10 Key Differences

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  1. Dude, I just found your channel. I really like your style and your videos. Really great work man.

  2. Quality comparison. Good job.

  3. I like your videos, keep up the good work

  4. Excellent breakdown kudos to you. ?

  5. I’ve been considering an iPad Pro because I’m an artist, but it’s always been the pencil, connector, and headphone jack (or lack thereof) that makes me consider the iPad Air… I prefer lighting and a headphone jack but I love the Apple Pencil 2. It’s tough choosing between which one to get.

  6. Sorry I am late!! Awesome video Harris! Never disappoints!

  7. Always a very clean and informative videos. Thanks

  8. can ya do 4K Editing on it?

  9. Keep it up Harris! By the way, sweet comparison.

  10. Great video. I was very interested in it because I just bought an iPad Pro 11”. So tyvm.

  11. in my book its not small difference in terms of 120hz vs 60 hzs display.120 hz feels so much better while navigating the ui and in some cases apps are supported which feel so much responsive in 120hz.

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