The iPad Air 2 launched in October of 2014 and is one of the oldest devices that will still support iPad OS and iOS 13. In this video I help you decide if you should still buy the iPad Air 2 in 2019 or years to come and I show how the iPad Air 2 handles games like Minecraft and Fortnite as well as compare it with the iPad Pro when compressing 4K video. #ipadair2 #ipad #Apple #iOS13 #iPadOS

Would you still buy an iPad Air 2 today? I would love to hear what you think about the iPad Air 2…

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  1. I'm sorry for not watching this with my iPad Air 2, I'm watching this in an iPad Mini 5.

  2. I bought one when it came out in 2014. Still running perfectly.

  3. I’m just sad because it doesn’t support apple pencil

  4. Can you use airplay on this iPad

  5. I bought the iPad air 2 for $600 I feel scammed

  6. Comment below if u are watching this on iPad Air 2

  7. Very laggy,no matter what they say about iOS and ram- its far away from the truth( real life performance) I had a chance to use only year and two months old Iphone 7- was laggy to,wasnt impressed even with the 3 month old Iphone 8- so u see- it always depends of what u have been using in your life- if u were using only Samsung or Huawei- this will be enough good for u- but with OnePlu, Sony or Pixel this is awful( even older- or the same age devices from these companies) will perform better

  8. I have it run almost every game in 2020

  9. Watching this video on my iPad Air 2 very nice device

  10. It’s still good in 2019 and 2020

  11. Fortnite is actually horrible on this, it lags like a lot and it has like no frames

  12. Watching this on an iPad Air 2

  13. Hey man please help me out. Im choosing between ipad air 2 128GB and Ipad 5th gen 32gb both in the same price. Which should I pick?

  14. I'm getting an iPad Air 2 soon and I'm really excited.

  15. Am watching this on air 2 and it still great

  16. 100$? Where? Seems to run about 170 plus on Amazon

  17. I'm buying a shaddard one on iOS 8 for 64 dollars

  18. My first ipad was the ipad 1

    My second ipad which is my current ipad is the ipad air 2

  19. Very well explained,specially in the games

  20. I ordered my ipad air 2 silver 64 gb on refurbished in excellent condition for $195 after tax so I thought that was a good deal. I just hope It really is in excellent condition and not a dud and not broken! ?

  21. its been 4 years i have it no issues 32GB =D

  22. iPad Air 2, I am literally watching the video on it and play a lot of games and I gotta say, it rocks in 2020, the worst decade ever!

  23. Question, ipad os says it is compatible with Apple Pencil is this true that i can use a apple pencil to my ipad air 2

  24. I Love My iPad Air 2 32 GB. Had This For Five Years Now. I Also have a Life Proof Case. The Only Issues Im Starting To Worry About Is The GB. I’m Running Out Of Space.

  25. The only weird thing is if my device is charging and I’m using a case and not physically touching the metal back, the screen is super erratic and doesn’t want to type anything that I type. It’s pretty bad until I touch the back or unplug it

  26. Do you think the iPad Air 2 would get iOS 14

  27. This is the iPad I use for school

  28. My iPad Air 2 is 128GB.

  29. Is the ipad 2019 or this one better?

  30. Got mine in 2016, didn't use it much tbh. Recently started using it more, still running iOS 9.3.1 and smooth. Battery life is amazing but worried that iOS 13 would ruin it.

  31. Bruh I’m still using my original iPad Air battery life in late 2019 around the week after I got my new iPhone 8+ the battery fell dramatically I can’t even watch YT on the iPad I have to watch YT on google

  32. I have 2 iPads the iPad 7 and my old iPad Air 2 that got cracked but they said to fix it, it would cost 330 DOLLARS LIKE WHAT THE FREEEEK

  33. In 128gb what it costs?

  34. Does it work with the apple pencil first gen?

  35. It runs game of Gwent too, even though apple computers and androids don't. Nice review I sub my man

  36. I'm still using my iPad air 2, still running great, it's about 5 years old.

  37. if i get good results for my test i am upgrading to an ipad air 3 or ipad mini 5 depending on my results. At the moment i still have an iPad 3…

  38. Is it running iOS 13

  39. Got mine ever since it was released, still works perfectly

  40. More power to your channel, this video is very helpful! Thanks a lot!

  41. Watching this on my iPad Air 3

  42. Plzz make a video on ipad mini4 in 2020

  43. I am looking at this since my iPad 3 has stopped charging. Been 6 years and it has served me well.

  44. i got a 64 gb ipad air 2 for 120 euro today with a logitech type+

  45. I’m watching this on my iPad Air 2

  46. For my experience ill say N O

  47. You missed the 128 GB Cellular/Wifi version. I currently have two of them. And have had 5 over it’s lifetime. Space Grey for me.

    This is the version honestly to get. And cover the screen with a protector. The ray ban sunglasses type anti glare over the glass will eventually show wear, no matter how careful you are without a screen protector.

  48. I’m watching this on iPad Air 2 it’s amazing it still gets updates

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