The 2019 iPad Air 3 is pretty much an iPad Pro for cheaper. It’s missing a few things, but no major downgrades that detract from the experience. It’s actually a great iPad deal. Thanks for the help Fin!

Apple iPad Pro & iPad Air 2019 – best prices:

Apple Refurbished iPad

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  1. Are is good for games?

  2. Thanks for the review, picked up my air Thursday and couldn’t be happier!

  3. Major lag hahahahhaha good one bro i love himym

  4. Basically an iPad Pro with thicker sides..

  5. What pens are compatible with the air three?

  6. Great video. Quick and crisp

  7. Oh wow, I was deciding between the pro and the air for my Christmas gift this year. Your sentence of “So what? They’re luxuries but you don’t need them to get the best iPad experience.” convinced me to get the air. Thank you. ??

  8. Watching it on iPad Air 2019

  9. I’ve had the ipad air for like 5 months now and I just learned how to use the smart keyboard to view the ipad in different angles just now im …,…. thanks, man

  10. I need an ipad can u hlp bro plss

  11. This is the BEST , most genuine and realistic review i have seen yet. I just bought the ipad 10 air and after watching many reviews i was starting to regret it. But u really brought it down to earth and made it make sense. So now im excited all over again! Thank u!

  12. Canoopsy,
    Can you do a living with iPad Air for a week comparing it to using the iPad Pro, for a lot of students $1000 is out of their budget including me. Btw this was a great high quality video, typical of you! ??

  13. I mean I’d rather get the air to one save money and two not hear about the bend gate issue with the pro.

  14. Canoopsy would your recommend this iPad Air or the older 2017 iPad Pro 10.5”

  15. Why does every reviewer bring up the charging on the 1st gen Apple Pencil? That’s not the intended way Apple wanted you to charge it fully. They give you an adapter so you can use a regular lightning cable. Plugging it into the bottom of the iPad is meant so that you can top it off when you’re out and about and need a bit more juice because you forgot to charge it fully. Plus who really cares, people absolutely shit on AirPods when they came out and it’s hard pressed to find anyone without “toothbrush heads sticking out of their ears”.

  16. Which one is better for a college student?

  17. But doesn't have support for external drives?

  18. Hi,
    Can you add mouse function for ipad air 2019?

  19. I’m planning on buying the brand new IPad Air 3rd generation for my mom for her birthday in July

  20. Charging the pencil on this device is Rated XXX. lol

  21. 1:05 wtf with that finger

  22. I think I'll buy an iPad when I will go to college

  23. which one should I get? ipad pro 2017 ou ipad air 2019?? I want just for taking notes on university, drawing and watch some netflix/youtube

  24. I do regret getting the Air and not a pro 10.5. However I did pay about $560 for an Air with an apple pencil, smart keyboard, and on top of that a separate case. Hear me out, I paid $480 for the air (education discount), after NY tax thats $522, then I bought a case on google express for about $13 (incl tax and shipping), and an apple pencil on eBay for about $23 and $3 for shipping. Then bought a keyboard case (its a Blackweb keyboard case that uses the smart connecter) on eBay for $15. I ended up with an iPad, 2 cases, and a pencil for less than $560. However I would’ve saved a few extra dollars getting a used pro. I do however have a brand new device with a year Apple warranty!

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