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  1. Hello, i have glich sometimes when i engage with team, the player freeze for 2 seconds, do you have any idea about this freeze (player freeze for 2 seconds and i the fire become like sing) plz help , i reset my aipad air 3 many times and not fixed

  2. Bro is any lag when you play with charging?

  3. which ipad is this ipad air 1 ,2 or 3 ..?

  4. Upload ke yt layar bisa full gimana bang

  5. Are u using gyro??

  6. Nice ♥️ just 1 question ! What are you using for recording on this video ? IOA recorder ??

  7. Bang selama pake ni ipad pernah lag ga?

  8. Tell me about this I pad bettery back up, How many hours continue you can play PUBG with one time full charge? And is it heated when you play game?

  9. have you faced any kind of lag till now
    I mean when you hot drop and whole squad rushed you
    have you face lag in such situation?

  10. Which is it iPad Air 3?

  11. i like your videos i have seen all your live stream

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