the iPad Air is the goldilocks product between the iPad and iPad Pro. There’s nothing new here but this is the best iPad for most users, much more capable than the 9.7-inch iPad and far less expensive than the iPad Pro

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  1. Says iPad Air reverie but goes on to talk about the pro.waste of time

  2. Isn’t this the iPad 7 in the thumb nail

  3. Why don't anyone talk about Backlight bleeding issues on these new apple shits?
    We pay 1000s of dollars for their crap and their Quality assurance sucks.
    and when you bring them back to their service centres they can't do anything other than telling you that either they can't see it or this is normal.

  4. My iPad Air 2 has 16gb……..

  5. Can you actually talk about the air than just constant comparisons? I want to know about it and how you feel about it

  6. sana oll may ipadair

  7. I love the color of the iPad I like the black one and a gray one I don’t like the white one because I get dirty fast.I will buy it

  8. Watching this on my iPad Air 2.

  9. Watching this from my iPad Air 3

  10. I have both the IPad Air 2019, and the MacBook Pro 16 inch. What I use the iPad Air for is for note taking, media consumption, and light game play when I finish my work early.
    What I use the MacBook Pro 16inch for is work and productivity …..The MacBook Pro is great for submitting my field reports and just having a device with a huge screen and all day battery life. I love both machines, and love how easy they speak to each other.

  11. Just bough one… will unbox it soon on my channel ?????????

  12. ipad air 2019 £550 or ipad min 5 2019 £380??

  13. I have ipad air 2..its 5 years old now and it still works…no cracks or damage…that is how i take care of my things, like how i take care my crush?

  14. What's the point of having ipad without headphone jack.NAH.. RIGHT?

  15. I got mine yesterday!?

  16. Sir does it support pen drive after iPad OS update (without using external power supply)

  17. What keyboard-case is that.
    Thanks for sharing ?

  18. Now imagine that iPad pros didn't exist
    There, happy with choosing a new device now?
    Edit1: 3 likes in 5 days

  19. Just got this. Am very satisfied!

  20. One last detail: it’s lighter than the pro and the regular ipad

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