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For the last few years, Apple’s iPad lineup has had a large and obvious hole in it. At one end, there’s the $329 iPad, an affordable way to do basic computing and run the many excellent apps out there. It cuts some corners with a…

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  1. Dunno if I really want to waste money just cause I wanna use procreate lmao

  2. How are you going to do a review but not mention what comes in the box!?!?! ??

  3. Is that the iPad air two‘s brother or sister. ?

  4. Does air get iOS 13?

  5. Missed using iPad. My more than 2 yr old Tab s3 is dying out with the expanded battery that bent the side of the tab. I feel bad for purchasing samsung tab whilst my 6 yr old iPad mini 2 that I gave my mum still works awesome and not suffered blown battery. Planning to get this Air 2019 offered to me by my network for about 35 USD per month for 12 months contract with 100GB data allowance. Looks tempting especially since the device is free of charge and it's the cellular model, too

  6. Finally made my decision on which iPad to buy my son. The iPad Air it is…

  7. Watching on my iPad Pro 11

  8. Yesterday i booked the ipad air ??

  9. Where did u get that wallpaper

  10. That is the ipad I am watching this on

  11. I just wish that the smart keyboard came in a pink color! 🙁

  12. I am watching this on my iPad air

  13. Should i get ipad air and a cheap gaming laptop for college
    I am from commerce field
    Or should i just get macbook air and no ipad

  14. Any update for 2020?

  15. Refurbished ipad pro 10.5 is the better deal

  16. I have an Ipad 2….RIP

  17. Any good cover of iPad Air 3 recommended

  18. What's the kindle app on this like?

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