iPad Air 2019 at Amazon:
iPad Pro 11″ at Amazon:

My written comparison:

As you can see in my iPad Air 2019 vs iPad Pro 11″ comparison, both tablets offer similar features. While the performance, display, and build quality are fantastic with both tablets, the iPad Pro is a bit stronger. It’s faster, at least in benchmarks. And it offers a longer battery life.

Which one…

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  1. Bence ikiside güzel , yani aralarında çok fark yok. Ancak iPad Pro birkaç konuda iPad Air 'dan iyi ama bazı konularda da iPad Air daha iyi . Şuan kardeşimle kullandığım iPad ilk çıkan iPadlerden olduğu için ve iPad Air daha düşük fiyatta olduğu için daha çok iPad Air almayı düşünüyorum.İlaha son moda iPad alacak değiliz ya.

  2. Good content. Accent very hard to understand

  3. Damburga! ( sorry couldn't resist)

  4. Which is better for PUBG Mobile

  5. I cannot justify even the existence of iPad Air 3. One side speakers, smaller screen, weaker CPU, fewer RAM.

  6. Im torn but i think im going to buy the iPad air, just like the accessories for the pro better and the pro morion display but not worth $300 more. Will 64 gb be enough for the iPad air? Would love some input on that, thanks!

  7. Does the 2019 iPad have first or second generation Touch ID? Thanks

  8. 1st gen Apple pencil comes with an adapter to charge with a lightning cable. You only need to plug it into your lighting port to pair it to the iPad.

  9. What about gaming

  10. I have a question! Do they share the same cover?? Thanks ?

  11. Good video. Looking at preowned versions of both – £200 difference seems steep. My original iPad Air is 6 years old and fine for almost everything.

  12. After watching this review I’m gonna buy a iPad air

  13. I want the thinness of IPad Air but the processor and screen size of the pro……why don’t they make one like that.,.,.,.!?!?!?!?!

  14. I thought IPad Air was thinner ….?

  15. The side bezels are thinner on the iPad air ??

  16. From IPad 2 3 4 air 1 mini and IPad Pro 10.5 User
    Pretty much both of them fine for us now before apple Release New IOS that slow Our IPad down maybe around half year more
    Weight: If i choose both of them still like 50 pages A5 Papers and our hand practice holding our phone every day
    we just fine even on bed but if u use IPhone and then choose IPad instead it still ok for me
    but IPad Mini series make me like holding something that i am not tiredlessly for hours.
    Thats the reasone we love and Hate apple
    They gave then they take more and more

  17. Was ist sis ztrendsch dialekt? Germanrussian?

  18. I want to keep iPad for a long time and it’s the first time I am buying the iPad. I am gonna use it for taking notes and teaching physics. Which one I should buy?

  19. Which one should we buy :the ipad pro or the I pad air

  20. Future is ipad pro

  21. What about the speaker quality between them?

  22. Great job with this. Thanks.

  23. IPad Pro 10.5 2017 is a better deal than iPad Air 2019 for similar, sometimes even better price if you get a deal on it.

    The 2017 one has stereo speakers on both sides plus up to 120Hz screen refresh rate as 2019 iPad Pro.

  24. Hello huge fan of you man like your reviews Do A review about the tab s5e and tab a 2019

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