I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, but it is about time for me to share my full comparison between the iPad Air 2019 or iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro 11″ (2018). In this video I go through pretty much all the relevant nuances between these two devices (in regard to design, display, battery life, camera and performance) in order to help you decide which is right for you and ultimately whether you’ll be spending or saving money.

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  1. Hi, which is best for note making??

  2. Can i have your old ipad? Lol haha

  3. I’m watching this video on the IPad Air 2019 ???

  4. If apple cam out with a tablet sporting the same OS as their macbooks I'd be sold in an instant.

  5. Can you input files through the lighting chord

  6. Well done I really enjoyed the review you answered my questions. I appreciate your hard work

  7. How many people here does 4k editing??

  8. I have been using the iPad mini 3 for 5 years I should get an Air right?

  9. I love the both ipad but now i have ipad air 3 since 1year and i dont want change yet ?✌️ thanks for the video ❤️

  10. The crappy pencil charging lets the iPad Air down.

  11. What’s up Slappers

  12. Your not out of luck with the iPad Pro. You can get an earphone adapter so you can listen with headphones. It’s called a USB-c to 3.5mm headphone jack. Look ? it up dude!

  13. Great video with great points. I’m a student, and have used both. I believe the iPad Air is a great supplementary machine just for note taking. I used it as such, and had a MBP as my main machine. I have since consolidated, sold my MBP and iPad Air, and got the 12.9 iPad Pro as my only machine. I have no regrets, I absolutely adore my iPad Pro and it’s perfect for everything I do. The USB C vs lighting and larger screen has mad a huge difference. I really think it is just up to your personal preference and budget. Don’t hemorrhage your budget for a device, nothing is worth that. I’m excited to see what else is coming out, but I doubt I’ll update since I’m very happy with my iPad Pro and don’t need anything else.

  14. I love ipad pro and i have a ipad air i love
    Apple ? or ipone ❤️

  15. iPad Air is just a much refined iPad Mini. It will lose update support no less than 1 year. iPad Pro 2018 will keep a long run of update support for at least 6 years. That's my opinion. Don't take it at face value

  16. Awesome video dude ?❤️

  17. Save money , buy a gold hublot Ferrari

  18. please like this video before you see it………..

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