Apple’s third generation iPad Air packs a gorgeous 10.5-inch display, Apple Pencil 1 support, Touch ID, a headphone jack, two stereo speakers and the lightning fast A12 Bionic chip. And it costs $499, which makes it the mid-range option as part of Apple’s all-to-confusing 2019 iPad lineup. It’s one of my favorite iPads ever, but there are shortcomings as expected. Here’s my early unboxing and review!

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  1. I am a fan of ipad air

  2. I got mine a week ago and the Smart Keyboard as well. So happy to have it 🙂

  3. I saved up all year for the iPad Air 3 it costed $700

  4. I was really trying to focus on the iPad but gosh you’re beautiful ?

  5. What's with all the dramatic arm movements?

  6. Some reason I got a 10Watt charger from Apple ( I live in Australia). Anyone else got a 10 watt charger instead of 12?

  7. Everyone I see their review about iPad Air 3, say don't buy it because there just 2 speakers buy the other iPad okay!! but we use iPhones “must of the people“with one speaker ? it doesn't make sense.. for sure I will buy one. Thank you,?

  8. smooth face sam lol. he have a beard now. im getting the iPad Air today. I think this will be a good iPad for me considering the fact that this is my first iPad.

  9. NOT the perfect size..Perfect size is WIDE samsung tab s5e..and others..

  10. I buy the iPad and it’s good

  11. Him talking trash about cameras with me with my iPad 2 and thinks the camera is amazing ?

  12. iupdate does ipad air 3 has 3 gb of ram is it true

  13. So good??❤️?☀️?☀️love it

  14. I just bought my gold ipad air wifi with 64gb and it’s perfect! I ‘m a student and I really hope I can buy the apple pencil soon. Also excited for ipados13 for more functionality!

  15. I have HyperX Cloudstinger headphones, it works for sound, but my mic only comes through my ipad

  16. Think u because I will buy it u confident me

  17. I have the air 3 nice product

  18. Got my ipad air 3 for460$ canadian or 350$ us… no way im getting better value out of the 2017 ipad pro when it costs 600$ canadian… The only thing im missing is the quad speakers which would have been great to have since i watch a lot of stuff and listen to music. Might upgrade to the ipad 11 pro next year when i have enough money and I can resell the air 3 for a good price donkkkk

  19. I like this one cause it’s cheaper than iPad Pro

  20. I’m planning on buying the new 2019 IPad Air 3rd generation for my mom for her birthday in July at Best Buy

  21. I love it,But It will be for my mom,I currently have 2018 IPad Pro 11 64GB wifi

  22. Just four months salary for an iPad Pro.

  23. I should buy the air
    it has a big screen
    And I can connect a keyboard to it
    plus I can watch YouTube easily and a big screen
    the size is perfect
    gaming on it is easy (for me)
    more resolution

  24. That google shirt is a disgrace

  25. I rather have a IPad mini 5

  26. put@ madre!!!!!!!!!!!
    yo buscando en youtube unboxins en español y me sales hablando inglés, CABRON

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