This is a more comfortable size to write on.

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  1. Apple pencil is the best ,i love it

  2. Can i use apple 2nd generation pencil with Ipad air ?? Can i add sd card and increase internal storage ??

  3. Would you recommend the 64gb? The next one up is 256gb and it’s so much more expensive.

  4. Well, i got it for my birthay and it wont work! I have a to old iPad:( and i will have to give it back

  5. So the notes plus has the best handwriting experience ?

  6. which of these apps are for free

  7. Hey man, great video. Just wondering whether Onenote supports the apple pencils pressure sensitivity. Is worth it to buy the apple pencil for school if the school will be using onenote?

  8. What other apple pencils generations can be used. Only 1st gen?

  9. Should I buy old Ipad pro 10.5 instead of this new iPad air 10.5 for note taking ? Will it be a better experience on 120 Hz Screen ?

  10. Is 3 gb ram enough for ipad?
    Does it have any lag?

  11. Can you use procreate on air 3 tho? or better with pro version?

  12. Can you rest your hand on the iPad while writing?

  13. I tried notability with a non Apple Pencil and there’s almost no palm rejection, is it an issue for the pad or pen?

  14. Is the ipad air 3 screen laminated?

  15. Poor lazy dog getting jumped over by a stupid brown fox lol

  16. Mag Kano bayan ang ipad ?

  17. Thanks for this review. Very helpful. Subscribed. 🙂

  18. Name of the second app?

  19. Great review! Thanks so much!

  20. I wanna see drawing test between Air and Tab s5e

  21. Super explanation ?

  22. hey i just bought the ipad air first generation today and its coming friday. I couldn’t pass up a good deal. Im wondering if i made a mistake because it is 2 generations down.

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