iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro 10.5 have a lot in common, but there are some difference. In this video I compare the iPad Pro 10.5 with the 2019 iPad Air and help you decide which one you should choose. #iPadAir #iPadPro #iPad #Apple #Comparison

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  1. Both have the white spot issues.. sigh
    Bought the new iPad Air in August and a few months later the screen started getting a few white spots. On the iPad Air, you only get tiny white spots as both the iPad Air and iPad Pro 10.5 both share the same body. Therefore, that’s why the issues are happening with the white spots. Sensitive screen on both. Though, whilst on my old iPad Pro 10.5 the white spots were quite noticeable and large. Don’t let that ruin what you pick though, you can get them both replaced if you encounter the issues in your 1 year warranty or if you have Apple Care. But, just be aware as the white spots are VERY annoying

  2. Omg I picked up the pro today for £400 and it was absolutely fantastic

  3. Only problem is i can't get the 10.5 pro in my country no more, and apples website doesn't sell refurbished in my country.

  4. Any Tablet/IPad Without A Built In Flash Is Just Difficult To Look At In My Opinion LOL ?

  5. Great review. thank you!

  6. I'm getting the iPad Air 10.5 inch cause the iPad Pro bents easily

  7. Ipad air 2 is good ???? 2020 ?

  8. Ipad mini 5 thump up?

  9. Without watching the video, ipad pro

  10. Air 3 now also developing the white spot issue (cases reported on macrumors and reddit), so even that last con-pro argument became invalid. I will pick the 10.5 Pro!

  11. Watching in my iPad Air :)) HES SO GOOD

  12. I just bought ipad 12.9 2017 version cause i dont like design of 2018-2019 vesrion

  13. I personally would go with the air

  14. The iPad Air has better graphics than iPad Pro in Antutu Benchmark the Air scores better than iPad Pro

  15. I’m just gonna get the Air if I can. Never had ProMotion, I don’t think I’ll miss it. Brightness is never all the way up for me. I want 4K but don’t really need it. Speakers I’m ok with just on the right. Most importantly I need power, so I’ll probably get the Air

  16. of course Pro 10.5

  17. Very interesting comparison. I wonderif the +1GB RAM makes a big difference at exporting times. I would also really like to see an iPhone XS vs. iPad Pro 2 test, where they both have 4GB RAM. Also if we look at Metal scores on Geekbench they indicate that the A10X’s GPU is faster than even the A13’s GPU, but Antutu says the A13’s GPU is a lot faster. Maybe it’s an efficiency thing? The A10X is 10nm vs. 7nm for the A13 so it might do a lot better at sustained workloads producing less heat even though it technically is slightly slower… I don’t know. I really would like to see:
    iPad Pro 2 vs. iPhone Xs Max
    iPad Pro 2 vs. iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iPad Air 3 vs. iPhone Xs Max comparisons. Not necessarily from you tho, Aaron 🙂 Appreciate your content, you’re doing great!

  18. The ipad air is basically a ipad mini full of air

  19. I am a student and I am mainly looking for an iPad that is compatible with the apple pen, the apple keyboard and is good for taking notes…which one is Better ? Please help if you can!

  20. Pro seems nice .. but A10x vs A12 Bionic … the A12 wins hands down!! I really wouldn’t mind loosing 120hz

  21. Aaron on Antutu it said that the air has better graphics than iPad Pro 10.5

  22. I'm not really big on "refurbished," and as someone who is new to Apple, I just got my first Apple iphone this year, but as an artist and a content creator I need to update things (I'm old school, lol! and have been a PC user) and I want to start creating digital art. Is it really worth is to get the Refurbished iPad Pro instead of the new iPad Air? I'm not into 4K videos right now, I have an Art/Craft/Journal channel. I'm not a gamer. I eventually want to get an iMac to go along with the whole converting to Apple since most of my stuff is writing and art. So as a new Apple user who wants to get used to Apple and learn which would you suggest?

  23. I'll either buy the IPad Air or the IPad Pro, the IPad Pro 10.5 does look better but which one do you think I'll have longer because of the updates ? It's important for me to have the longest life cycle…maybe somebody can help me?? ?

  24. It's really a no brainier. The pro is much better at a $30 cheaper price.

  25. There is a channel called Max Tech.I hate he cuz he says everytime "dOn't BuY aIr 3"

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