The iPad Air was updated a few months ago with new features like Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil support as well as updated internals to make this a pretty powerful iPad that’s not an iPad Pro with a starting price of $499. Microsoft’s Surface Go starts at $399 and is pretty much one of the only worthy competitors to the iPad Air, and so in this video, I wanted to take a closer look at each product to figure out which device could be your on-the-go laptop replacement.

2019 iPad Air -…

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  1. Ipad air 3 or surface go for drawing? Replacing a graphics tablet xp pen artist 12. I like that you can do more w surface go or Looking at used surface pro 6. Want to get for drawing and speed paints.

  2. I have an iPad 2019, and it's my primary "laptop" (I use it to school)

  3. True tone??? Laminated display?

  4. Does the windows tablet need virus protection..?

  5. The Samsung Tab S6 is the only competitor of the Surface Pro and not iPad with it's very restrictive eco system.

  6. I bought the iPad Air a couple of days ago. Impressive battery life.

  7. Should i get ipad air or macbook air

    I will use the device for Microsoft office apps like presentations , note taking
    , research and many other things college demands for

  8. well I mean, people keep asking “what should I get?” we’ll if you want a full on the go laptop with a touch screen, I would go for the surface go. But if you want a tablet, with some sort of laptop feature, you should get the ipad. I personally have and love the ipad air. But if your looking for a on the go laptop and just that, get the surface go

  9. I choose microsoft surface go

  10. If you plan to use it for writing, never go for Surface. If you need a laptop never go for iPad.

  11. Should I buy the surface go or iPad air 2019?

  12. I currently need a laptop ( or iPad ) for school and I watched a lot of those videos, but they are all talking about the iPad Air or iPad Pro. Because I am in school I don’t have that much money for one it those devices. The cheaper option would be the normal iPad but I’m not sure if it would be as good as the other two.
    If anyone knows that, I would be very thankful for a answer.

  13. I don’t think an iPad can ever be a laptop replacement because it’s nowhere near the Surfaces that have USB and/ USB-C ports. All the iPads should have USBC ports instead of lightning ports since they keep marketing it as “unlike any computer”

  14. For the surface go you can install Windows 10 Home/Pro and then run Photoshop and illustrator without issues. iPad is just a tablet. Surface go wins as a secondary laptop or laptop replacement.

  15. I was thinking about getting the iPad for university, how good is the iPad for Microsoft apps?

  16. Just do the iPad Air

  17. There is a tiny adapter for the Apple Pencil lighting to lighting

  18. I have a surface go, it actually became my main laptop

  19. The iPad isn't a laptop replacement at all… Wtf ? Lol

  20. The starting price is $400 not $530. But, because the keyboard is not included you will end up paying some more.

  21. I have a MacBook Pro but I end up taking the iPad Air 2019 with me most of the time. I use the Logitech Slim Folio and I rarely use my laptop these days. It is annoying that I don’t have a trackpad but I kind of got used to it. When Apple said the iPad is the future of computing, I’ve thought that to be stupid. Now that I’m carrying an iPad + Smart Keyboard daily… I think they have a point there.

    Why do I carry the iPad instead of the MB Pro?
    1. Size. Screen is big enough to do everything I need and it is light enough to carry in a messenger.
    2. Battery life. Lasts a lot more and I can charge it from a small power bank.
    3. LTE. Nice to not be tied to wi-if networks anymore.
    4. Apps. It’s not a huge difference for me but I feel apps are far more streamlined on IOS than on MacOS.
    5. Apple Pencil. I end up drawing flowcharts quite a lot.

    Why I am not giving up on the MacBook Pro:
    1. Full OS.
    2. Can be used in my lap.
    3. Far easier to multitask.
    4. Bigger screen when I need it.
    5. Better keyboard (although the Logitech one is quite good, far better than I’ve expected).

    There are times when I actually have to use my laptop… but in my every day use, that’s less than 5%. I’m impressed.

  22. I have the surface book 2 which is very much a laptop, but you can interact with it as a tablet. I had an iPad Air and got rid of it for the Surface Go. I am amazed at how versatile this little tablet is. The build quality is better than the iPad Air, the magnesium frame is way more durable, and the surface pen to apple pencil is no comparison, the surface pen is just a great writing experience. Worst thing for Apple is their keyboard cover, it's OK in a pinch but again the surface go is just a better built keyboard. Now the advantage of Apple is their App store, you're just going to find more apps that are custom built for the tablet and this may be enough to move people in that direction. I will also say the iPad OS is a huge improvement over iOS, but Windows 10 to me wins out for having access to the real office apps and OneNote which is my favorite application. I very much view the Suface Go as somewhat of a call back to the old netbooks which got killed off with the introduction of the iPad and Android tablets, but it can very much run like a tablet, however it requires a bit of tweaking where iPadOS is just designed to work that way. The surface go is the killer device for college students and traveling professional, who need access to desktop apps but want portability and reliability. If you want a pure tablet, get an iPad or a Galaxy tab, however I think the Surface Go does a way better job being a tablet than the iPad does being a laptop.

  23. Its like comparing a lambo to a Honda civic

  24. If I were to replace my laptop, there is no way I would choose an iPad.

    The only thing I use my iPad for is just to watch videos and check my email.

  25. I feel like iPad Air is better and more satisfying but surface go is more computer like and both at portable but the surface go needs a super long charger

  26. picture your on a job filling out a a service ticket your phone is in your pocket and it rings, you keep complete your work and answer your phone on your iPad air, or your in the Office and the Boss he wants to know where the 1,000 Dollar part went, you made the form got the signature, sent the email on your iPad but all you have is your iPhone you just search your iPad from your iPhone right then, and you never miss a beat while your jamming to Lady Gaga That's iPad OS 13, desktop browsing, download management, file link, phone sync iPad isnt a laptop its not supposed to be.

  27. You definitely need my Password-Vault app for your Surface Go or any Surface or Windows 10 computer for that matter.  Available in the Microsoft Store:

  28. I have surface go and ipad air 2019. I think surface go more laptop replacement than ipad air 2019. I think ipad air is more tablet in my opinion. I love both. I hate the battery life of surface go. And the ipad air has good battery life in my opinion.

  29. Does anybody know if you can use microsoft word on the ipad air?

  30. Are you sure you don't get the $529 version with 8gb ram and 128ssd?
    It seems a little apple pro sided

  31. I was thinking to buy the surface go as a secondary notetaking computer as my main laptop is too heavy for me to take to college everyday.
    However when I talked to my electronics store they said the go was obsolete and they didn't stock it. Is the go really not worth in 2019?

  32. Well, for starters, the iPad is not a “laptop” ?‍♀️

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