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  1. You should try this again now that Catalina is out which brings the Sidecar feature. I've been searching the web for about three months to determine if I should buy an iPad and so far no one has tried this with Live.
    Just a suggestion 🙂

    Edit: you do need macOS though and a compatible Mac

  2. My man! Thanks so much for the help and confidence for that app. Was nervous

  3. Quick question have you tried gaming using this mirroring program?

  4. good! Can you click with the mouse on the first monitor at the same time you touches the ipad? Like for two people using the devices

  5. Tidy setup and USEfull suggestion! Can have it in front of lager keys controller suiting on a side of main table, and have just VST on the iPad, so get visual feedback in-place. Neat!

  6. I thumbs downed this because he said that the iPad SHOULD replace his computer. That’s not what it’s for.

  7. Perfect for music makers.
    I'm trying to find out from which iPad generation works without (almost) lag. Are you using an Air2 at this video?
    Thanks and regards!

  8. It’s a long ways away, but it’ll be awesome when AR/ VR- type gear is comfortable enough to wear for the amount of time people tend to spend while using apps and programs like these —literally like having as many monitors as needed floating around at whatever scale and configuration works best for you.

  9. Loving the new studio !! … Tour ?

  10. Fancied a shot of this for touchscreen capability but all spent out Black Friday. Discovered Splashscreen XD free at moment and does the job. Now I’ve just got to figure out how to keep track of my mouse pointer between three screens.

  11. Be careful with duet display on win10 and gaming, many steam games won’t launch until duet is uninstalled.

  12. I was going to go the other way with i0s on my monitor using the AV adaptor but I couldn't use obs in that configuration. OBS just reordered a blank screen. Looks like you got a whole lot of new gear since your last video.

  13. I like that baffling in the wall above your workstation. Did you buy that somewhere or did you make it?

  14. btw google also works amazingly well !

  15. Right on bro new studio is looking teets!

  16. hey buddy thanks for the vid – you think its going to work with two screens all-ready connected?can use a third for the digicheck

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