I dreamed of having a touch screen dual monitor in my setup, being able to reach forward and interact with apps would speed up productivity and be quite useful.

I looked at many Touch Screen monitors but most are made for POS (Point of Sale) systems and have terrible colours or really low resolutions. I Found one from Dell which wasn’t horribly priced but was a big commitment to the idea, but then I realised 1st Gen iPad Pro’s have dropped a lot in price!

So in today’s episode of Studio…

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  1. Interested in learning the basics of 3D modelling like you saw in this video? I did a quick guide here to get you up and running and trust me it's not as scary as it seems 😀 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtgHbVd5UlI

  2. Didn’t work. When I connect to windows 10, he do “disconnect, connect, disconnect, connect”. Who can help with that?

  3. Great video, informative, to the point and good production. Keep it up and you'll get a ton of subscribers soon. <3

  4. Hey, I was wondering what ipad and case you have? Thanks!

  5. If I buy the duet app, will I be able to stop receiving their ads on YouTube every single time? 🙂

  6. Is the connection to your PC Lightning to USB or lightning to HDMI?

  7. Thanks buddy ! I was searching a way to use my iPad as a wii u gamepad for CEMU emulator and you give me the solution !!! 😉

  8. very detailed and useful, deserves more views

  9. those are some big speakers

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