The Ultimate iPad 2019 Lineup Battery Drain Test!
In this video, we are aiming to see which iPad can endure the battery drain test & last the longest. We are pitting the iPad Pros, the ipad Air, the 9.7 inch iPad & the iPad Mini 5. This video took a long time to make as it was 8 hrs of filming, multiple hours of scripting, researching and editing, therefore, a thumbs up and a sub would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  1. was bluetooth on during the test and if yes , through all of it ?

  2. Hats off! I got 9.7

  3. Hahaa first show how much battery they have ipad 100 above 7000mah
    Ipad mini 5000

  4. I love my 9.7 ipad

  5. I was like, cool it has all the iPads, then I was like….where is the 10.5 inch? 🙁
    Bc thats the one im buying lmao.

  6. The video is great and I really like and support ur dedication…keep going

  7. How long to charge though?

  8. Just bought an IPad Air 10.5 still I’m delivery

  9. Im getting the ipad mini now

  10. Haha, I got the best battery efficient iPad Yay

  11. It all depends on the brightness… whenever my ipad gets to 20% I will turn down the brightness

  12. With Air 2 i feel like Brooklyn

  13. Informative review. Be respectful to your audience though by using accurate thumbnails.

  14. Great video. Hard work pays ?.

  15. I have black 6.7 inch

  16. Which ipad have best batterie? I have older ipad air and ipad air 2 and can say bettre ipad air longer batterie life.

  17. You are shooting this video i phone 10 or 11

  18. I thought that the 12.9 inch IPad Pro is stronger than the 11 inch. Good that I‘ve the 11 inch

  19. 8:30 honestly, just do game benchmark drain rates, because if a iPad can game for 6 hours, it’ll last much longer doing all other tasks

  20. Guess I’m lucky my iPad (9.7”) s on 36% left and has 9 hrs of screen time since the last charge

  21. Nobody would luse their iPad for 6 hours long

    Uhmmmm me on my 17hr marathon

  22. Can you make a new video with the new ipads

  23. Can you tell me how much is the iPad Mini? I'm saving up for one! I would appreciate it if you tell me how much is it! Thank you!

  24. Why the black on ipad air 3 look deeper

  25. This was a good test! I got the iPad Air!

  26. Proud to watch this from my 11 inch IPad pro.

  27. keep going creative youtuber

  28. My heartbeat was so fast when I saw these ipads standing on a rail! If they fell down then what will happen? ???

  29. This reply is written with the iPad Pro 2018

  30. 5 kidneys video. ???

  31. I really wish you put the current prices and CPU next to the times every time you showed the time. Or at least the name of the iPad

  32. This fuckin reflective mirror like screen protector on the 11 inch pro

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