I tried hooking up my iPad Pro to an external monitor to see how effective it’d be as my full-time work station. I test word processing, video editing, photo editing, and illustrating. Here are the results!

Main Gear in the Video:
Lightning to HDMI adapter:
iPad Pro 9.7:
AOC 21.5in Monitor:
FITUEYES Monitor Riser:

To view all the gear in this setup, watch these videos:
iPad Setup:…

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  1. Honestly i just want the monitor to have its own 'desktop' or a way for things like Procreate to show a widgetless canvas so you can see what the final product might look like.

  2. nice video. do you have a link to your headset stand?

  3. Do you know if Ipad mini 5 can connect to a external screen?

  4. Anyone using this setup for Zwift?

  5. I bought the adapter from BestBuy and it was the hdmi apple adapter and it sucked … it didnt matter what app I used i got a screen size that was the same as the ipad but now it was on a TV. 🙁 I tried tinkering with all the size options on the TV and ipad … had to return the hdmi connector and threw out the ipad … apple stuff is garbage.

  6. But you could just buy a Bluetooth mouse ??‍♀️ right….

  7. Sorry if this has been answered but does the IOS not support touch screen monitors? This would limit having to use the ipad screen as much which would be better for your neck.

  8. What about entertainment? Netflix, streaming TV, Amazon Prime video, etc.? Do they look hi res?

  9. Hi..which is the monitor u have tried with??does it get good with 4k monitors??which one do u use??

  10. Can you use it as a dual monitor?

  11. I have a windows keyboard and a wired mouse and a monitor, can i use the Ipad 2018 and plug it in there with a usb-c dock and a lightning to usb-c adapter or does it put to much pressure on the ipad?? The ligthning to usb-c adapter is needed to be able to plug the usb-c dock to the lightning connector that the ipad has, mine is not a pro model…

  12. Great video ? I too have a mobile setup with a large monitor, and it’s wonderful. Keep up the content, you have a great presence and valuable content #subscribed

  13. Do you get the black bars at the top and bottom also?

  14. Is it full screen 16:9 when playing youtube videos with the adapter?

  15. Is it full screen 16:9 when playing youtube videos with the adapter?

  16. Hey you can also connect a Bluetooth mouse this iPad 11 pro. It is great and is highly recommended. I am able to use my Zagga keyboard and any universal Bluetooth mouse for any computer.

  17. Can i extend instead of mirror?

  18. If you have an iPadPro this is a great external and PORTABLE monitor: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07V1SQ966/ Comes with all cables and in a case. I unpacked it and plugged it in and there it was. Mirrors the display. A few apps will use extended display
    : Imovie, Photos, Kerynote, Procreate, Lightroom. The iPad supplies power to the display so for long sessions you need to power the display with the included USBC cable and power brick. There is a second dedicated port for that. And the monitor also comes with an HDMI cable for the other iPads.

  19. Because i use the 12’9 inch iPad pro i think i have enough screen without having to hook up to an external monitor, however it is an interesting video.

  20. I'm doing this now on iOS 13, a Bluetooth mouse, and keyboard. I can send a video if interested.

  21. Oof. give this brother some likes for taking one for the team

  22. Hey i recently tried my iPad Pro 10.5 with external monitor via apple lightning to av adapter but got bad color. Google told me it’s because the monitor is recognized as tv not a monitor so it uses Ypbpr not rgb color. Do you have the same problem on your set up? Also i found the mouse is noticeably laggy on the external monitor vs ipad screen with ipados.

  23. Hey just a quick question! What are you doing to ensure that there is no lag when using the iPad in this setup? I am using the iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd gen) and a lightning to HDMI adapter but am experiencing serious lag when moving the screen around or even using a mouse (using the latest iPad OS beta).

  24. Is it possible to add a USB mouse to this setup

  25. Can you output 1440p with ipad pro 10.5?

  26. Using that same adapter can I hook up a PS4 to an iPad?

  27. Would be nice to have a support for touchscreen monitor to complete this setup.

  28. What cover are you using for your Apple Pencil?

  29. I wanted to do this but those bezels just put me off way too much!

  30. Hello ? i just want to ask is smooth editing using lumafusion on ipad pro 9.7 because I haven’t seen anyone edit video using lumafusion on ipad pro 9.7

  31. Please do a revisit with iOS 13 so that you can show us mouse support! Just installed it on my IPad Pro 2017 and it is amazing! Would defiantly make this setup of yours even better!

  32. Seriously I thought I was watching someone with 100k+ subscribers I’m amazed by the content subscribe!!! I’m planning on building a mobile set up for gaming and this really helped thank you!!

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