#pubgmobile #handcam #ipad2020

My settings*

Graphics – Smooth
Frame rate – Extreme
Style – Colour
Anti aliasing – Disable
Auto adjust graphic – Enable

Device – iPad mini 2019
Controls – 4 fingers
Gyroscope – Always on with full sensitivity.



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  1. Oh bhai kya op player h bro tu apni ek squad bnakar bi ke elite custom me participate kr

  2. tere baap ne tujhe full deal diwye hai ameer lounde BUT STILL AP PRO HO SIR BIG FAN

  3. I am also buying ipad mini 5 will you 1v 1 me In some time

  4. Play with me PUBGking5526

  5. How much you pay to red Bull for using this tittle ????

  6. I can beat you in tdm any day…wanna play)

  7. crouch jump prone sab index fingers par laga, fayda uthao bhai screen size ka

  8. Bro what is the background song u

  9. Id no. Plz want to play 1on 1 against u

  10. Biro peek hold m krr firr Dekh jadoo

  11. Can you play Fortnite on this?

  12. I thought red bull gives u wings!!

  13. Bro can u make solo vs squad handcams

  14. Nice
    Please play with me

  15. Yeah kid you play better than me

  16. 0:22 which song bro ??
    Btw great video

  17. which is price bro

  18. Bhai i pad konsa h tera

  19. Thanx for the hand cam bhaiya

  20. im giving you challege if you can beat me give tag?

  21. BrO can you raid »Xooss« a ping gamer

  22. if we had iPad and good internet connection we also play like u bro

  23. How to play with u

  24. Bhai hamko apni squad mee leleo and raid clan also

  25. There is no specialty in your gameplay i can easily play better than this in my poco f1 and in poco its hard to play compare to this ipad your ipad has too much big screen compare to my poco f1 seriously there is no specialty in your gameplay although you are on ipad and i play on mobile and i can play better than you and also you are playing in front of bots seriously is the called skill then laugh on youself

  26. Non stop this player

  27. Yeah, ipad is The best to game play, i buy ipad 5th mini!! ?

  28. Name of the song?
    And awesome gameplay

  29. Bhai kya hai. Tu itna badiya …..
    Mortal can't win against you

  30. OMG
    100% pure skills

  31. Also i m jelous bro for u r ipad i play very well but somany time i die by lag but stilll u r video satisfies the lag issue and clutch lov u bro i will not leave u support but one day i will make a yt channel and u have to support ok plz reply me as u promised wait for ur reply

  32. Not the ipad gaved u wing bro u r skills gaved u wing the i pad gaved support to use the wing without lag love u so bro well play

  33. Bhi mujhe lagta tu kuch bada karne wala h carry on???

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