Today’s video details how I use my iPad to takes notes in college at Stanford University!

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for watching!

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  1. What iPad do you use?

  2. Fantastic video. I think you’ve sold me on GoodNotes5. Just wondering: do your folders save and use your iPad storage or are they on a cloud only accessible over the internet? Do you make a GoodNotes account, whereby if you buy a new iPad you can access the folders through the app on that?
    Also sorry for your troubles at the end of the video

  3. Hi wondering what iPad do you have?

  4. Do you have a computer too?

  5. Loved this! The end had me crying laughing. Which iPad do you have?

  6. I loved this video and got an iPad because I’m tired of taking notes with paper and pen. My backpack is so heavy all the time with all my books and a binder and notebook. 500+ dollars later, the professor writes on their syllabus that there are no iPads allowed in class. I. Hate. College.

  7. Very helpful!! thanks a lot! Post more pls?

  8. skip to 17:54

    ur welcome

  9. Can you please link to that case for the iPad & the Ape Pencil

  10. How does your colour coding highlighting work? What do the colours stand for? I’ve been struggling to find a good system

  11. how much storage does your iPad have?

  12. the end AHAHAHHA

  13. anyone have the link for the apple pencil case ?

  14. wow!super helpful!!

  15. Do you know if procreate app works on your edition of ipad?

  16. Wow you’re beautiful

  17. The Kath Path
    how do u write so neatly?
    it fees too slippery on my ipad to write with apple pencil

  18. Any recommendations on size, storage capacity or model? Leaning towards 2018 pro 11 inch 256gb

  19. Great video! Still trying to decide between goodnotes 5 and notability though. I’ve seen pros and cons for both

  20. Do you have e textbooks or hardcopies?

  21. I’m from Russia , but I’m trying to learn English from English speaking videos ; thank you )

  22. I didn’t know Apple did student discounts??? Also, I can’t find that model anymore!

  23. Hi! Where are your cases from?

  24. Do you use a special screen protector to take notes such as "PaperLike" or a tempered glass?

  25. Please do a digital bullet journal video, or if you have whats the link?

  26. What ipad are you using?

  27. Hi?? I am getting the iPad Air and I was wondering, for the good app, am I able to download it on my phone and use the same app that i bought for my iPad aka not buy it again for my phone? I always have my phone on me and would love a way to check anything if I don’t have my iPad with me ! Thank you so much!!!!
    Also amazing video!!! Subscribed!!!

  28. Any1 else subscribe because of this video ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Definitely subscribing

  30. Hey Kath, have you had any professors that do not allow the use of electronic devices in class—including iPads?

  31. do you take all your notes on your iPad or are there some classes or things you use pen and paper for?

  32. how do you download the pdf

  33. Links in description not working

  34. I love you katherine! ??

  35. Are you able to print from the iPad?

  36. Can I ask why u prefer Good notes over Notability?

  37. LOVE the pencil cover! May I know where you purchased it?

  38. What app do you use on your iPad

  39. I an from india .I am watch your every video and I love you so much

  40. Where did you get your ipad case from?

  41. so good these days high school notes i am in college when i was young i never had an ipad .

  42. Watched all the way through, was definitely worth it haha.

  43. You look a lot like Donna (Suits)to me


  45. Which iPad do you have ?

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