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  1. I bet simple alpaca won’t pin my comment, love the channel by the way!

  2. Is there a way to go back to ios 10.3.3 i am stuck in ios 12.4.5 its very slow, thank you

  3. I have iPad mini 2

  4. I have that iPad but broken so I am watching this to decide if I should fix or not

  5. Can you use fl studio on it

  6. Kinda funny i bought my ipad mini 2 like 6 years ago, when it came out and its still going strong. To be fair, I dont use it for a lot of things other than watching movies/netflix/youtube etc. Iphones tend to get slower over the years but for some reason the ipad isn’t affected that much.

  7. 1. No.
    2. No.
    3. No.
    4. No.
    5. No.

  8. Noooo I wanted iOS 13 I want 3D ?

  9. I still have my iPad mini 2 in 2020 because I love it ?

  10. WAIT so why does mine not update above IOS 9? Pls help

  11. I have a 6th generation ipad but my lil bro has a mini 2 ?

  12. can apple pencil be use with this ipad?

  13. jokes on you it did get ios 13

  14. I bought this from dubai from 1500 dirhams on 2016 it is 32 gb and working well it has so protective screen it had not a single scratch but only the battery life is bad

  15. Using iPad mini 2 in 2020………

  16. And I think ur iPad is different or something cause mine is fast and can play casual, and non casual games.

  17. I have an iPhone 7 and an iPad mini 2, I use the iPad for Disney+ Netflix, Hulu, and some gaming. It’s a very descent and good device, not slow, and I have iOS 12.4.5, the apps all work fairly smoothly. Not slow but if it is, restarting always fixes it. Highly recommend it I used it ever science I was 5 (12 now) this is my 2/3
    one because of cracked screens, and replacements because of my selflessness. Great thing highly recommend it.

  18. I have this but the lcd is fucked

  19. I have an iPad mini for years

  20. hows the battery sir in 2020

  21. My mom gonna buy it for me?

  22. I am watching this on my iPad mini to

  23. I have a iPad mini 2

  24. I still use one today lol

  25. Goodbye sweet prince
    We had good memories

    My iPad mini 2 is gone sadly

  26. Getting a tablet for your side chick ?

  27. Watching this on iPad mini 4 lol I want the cellular version but I have WiFi only ):

  28. Im using a ipad mini 2 and its starting to glitch really badly so soon im gonna get a galaxy tab s3

  29. Have you used this ipad since it came out

  30. Can you help me I can't update to iOS 10 it says iPad up to date?????

  31. “A tablet for your side chick” I almost give her this tablet but I gave her my laggy Samsung Tab 2 tablet instead lol. This tablet is only good for YouTube and playing some minor games like San Andreas

  32. My ipad mini 2 runs iOS 12 and it works perfetly!

  33. This guy’s voice is weird

  34. i have an ipad mini 2 and trying to use it for not taking, does anyone know which pen to use also with hand recognition?

  35. Software problem, plus ram

  36. Does it support netflix?

  37. considering that this is a device with a locked bootloader that is bound to lose support soon I'd say it's a terrible idea to get it now. You'd be buying it wrong.

  38. Why Does my ipad does not let me Download any Cool Apps From Playstore? It say it's not Compatible

  39. I still have mine but it still want to update

  40. Still keeping the mini 2 though.

  41. I’m watching this on an iPad mini 2. Soon I will get an iPad mini 5 though.

  42. im over here using the first ipad mini

  43. I am watching this on a I pad mini 2

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