iPad Mini 2019 is the upgrade we all wanted – bringing amazing performance and Apple Pencil support. It’s also one of the most affordable iPads and works excellent as a student device. To save 10% off Squarespace:

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  1. The pen charging is ridiculois but it’s so fast tho! I have this ipad and the size makes it so portable, if you have small hands is so perfect

  2. Why would you want a keyboard for this iPad. Stupid lol it’s too small!!

  3. I will buy one next week.

  4. Earlier in the year, I almost bought the iPad mini over the iPad Pro because of the lower price, and it’s form factor. In the end, I ended up going for the 11 in Pro because of the more modern design, features, and the 2nd generation pencil. If the mini had the slimmer bezels, boxy design, and 2nd generation pencil, I would have, definitely, bought that.

  5. I subscribed u because your content is good ??

  6. “Student” doesn’t even mention Microsoft office with it

  7. I use it for notes and honestly it doesn’t bother me the size is fine just turn it on landscape. I seen people take notes with it on portrait ??

  8. "You can almost fit it in your pocket"
    every girl muttering angrily

  9. Love your hairstyle

  10. Should I buy ipad mini 2019 or galaxy tab s5e
    Thanks for help

  11. I watch it from ipad pro

  12. Is it too small for taking note…?

  13. Was hoping to get more detail on how it actually feels to take notes on such a small device. But otherwise good video

  14. This review just convinced me to buy this lil' beast ipad mini,
    I can use it on college

  15. The camera is not that bad….

  16. Where did you get the wallapaperrr

  17. might upgrade from my old iPad Mini from 2013 to this. brb rewatching all of your iPad videos

  18. I think the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019) with the S-Pen has a better value-for-price proposition for students.

  19. Just came across your channel & think you did a good job with it. I use the Mini 5 throughout my work day (notes, email, texts, scanning docs, calendar) and can leave the iPad Pro 12.9 at my desk. I don't miss a keyboard and feel that, once iOS 13 comes out (swipe) it'll make "typing" on screen absolutely perfect.

    Good luck with the channel. I'm looking forward to future content (Yup, I subscribed).

  20. A bezel less display would make it A5 paper size, which is perfect for note taking and printing in that size, damn I wish they did it

  21. does it come out w touch id 1 or touch id 2

  22. Sorry but im new, is the ipad in the video called ipad mini 5 or its called ipad mini 2019?planning to buy one for taking notes ?

  23. from where did you get the case ?

  24. If iOS has an mouse support I would buy it…………

  25. I have to go out from town to city I will carry feature phone+ iPad mini or iPad Air?+ with pencil
    Which one is better

  26. that's touch id not fingerprint sensor

  27. suggest goodnotes5 to take notes. i bought 4, so 5 is free to get. after using 5 for couple week, i never back to 4. i also bought notability to be compared with, but cause 5 is good enough, i never open it too…so to the conclusion, for notes and pdf reading, goodnotes 5 is good enough, i like it

  28. Not sure what kind of pants is he talking about that could fit a iPad mini.

  29. seems like it's useless for Computer Science

  30. This review is a disservice to students for it fails to tell them the greatest development vis-à-vis WRITING / EDITING. Most editing operations are now "snappier" for a bedridden person thumbing away on the virtual keyboard (or a novelist sitting in a car, or a mountain climber dangling from a rope, or a lazy ass slouching on a couch) than what would be possible for Bill Gates seated in front of a desktop with default Word.

    That's right. The reviewers – all of 'em – including Canoopsy are asleep at the wheel.
    The solution to editing on the handheld flatscreens was staring at us all these years… But humanity was (and still is) under the thrall of the "Microsoft Whammy"… an editing system based entirely on text selection… Which was fine and dandy on regular computers with their mice, function keys and shift-arrows, but was ghastly/dreadful on the different form factor.
    Keen eye commanding pudgy finger to drag mini-handles? DESIGN FAILURE.
    So bad that it engendered a whole new gadget category: external keyboards.
    Canoopsy pines for an external keyboard for his MOBILE device… and that is because he hasn't heard of "the other way of editing".
    The way that's just right for a flatscreen and with absolutely no need for chairs, tables and other gadgetry. And yes… Snappier than Bill Gates at his regular computer.

  31. I personally use my mini with the Pencil for note-taking in class. I love the portability and size, it fits so nicely in my bag. A good deal for students, especially when combined with Goodnotes!

  32. What crap bezels with a rip off price. Typical Apple

  33. There’s plenty of better keyboards out there for the mini than the Smart Keyboard

  34. Maybe the Logitech Keys to go might be an option. It’s not a Smart Keyboard but it’s not bad.

  35. Hello can you make a video in Hindi language….?

  36. I like your iPad mini wallpaper ?. Pls share ?

  37. is 64gb enough for web browsing, gaming, music and video streaming and ofcourse future apple arcade? i wont download music or video except some pdf and doc for study or office work. which one is better for that 2019 mini or air?

  38. Any bluetooth keyboard would work with it if you want to type.

  39. If just the design was newer.

  40. Hair lol more cement

  41. Logitech k series keyboard might workout w/ ipad as it works with Mac and iPhone

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