Very smooth video editing. I had no problem with editing 4K 30p 100M. I applied random color effects, transitions, text. initial test video was 3min long. it took 15min to render with H.264, 5min with H.265. if you are doing youtube or your own video, there is no reason to go for h.264.
This video is a test editing video. please do not expect for beautiful video sorry.. I got no time for that. I work for Broadcasting, and this ipad mini 5 totally works. only if you know how to use lumafusion.

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  1. Camera iPad mini 5 is bad?

  2. Huh. Video maxes 1080p on YouTube, no 4K option.

  3. Does the iPad get really hot while editing?

  4. Can it edit 4K / 60fps H.265 Video ?

  5. How much time ipad mini takes to fully charged ? And how much battery drained in 15 min of 4k video rendering?

  6. Nice! Trying to figure out the transfer speed of lightning port (usb2 limit on older Air2/&9.7 was the main bottle neck in LumaFusion) on new mini/air and cant find it. Opinion on that?

  7. Thanks so much! I just got a Mini 5 so this is encouraging and helpful!!! ??

  8. I just ring the bell. Haha… Can you time the rendering of 1080p 10 minutes video?

  9. That’s awesome! Thank you for timing the rendering.

  10. the first video for the mini 5 i’ve seen! thank you! ?

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