Lisa Gade reviews Apple’s update of their smallest iPad tablet for 2019: the iPad mini 5. With a similar design and the same 7.9” screen size as the last gen model, this is a long overdue refresh that focuses on the most important features—an updated Apple A12 Bionic CPU, Apple Pencil 1 support, and a Retina IPS high resolution laminated display with True Tone and wide P3 color gamut. As ever, the tablet starts at $399, with higher prices for Gigabit 4G LTE and higher capacity storage…

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  1. GDAY..LISA..THANKS MATE FOR THE buying one with 64gb/4G/WIFI..WOOHOO..

  2. おばちゃんめっちゃ説明するやん

  3. Great review! I just got my new 256 gig Rose Gold IPad Mini and Im getting used to it! I didn’t think I would like it as I traded in my 6th generation 128 gig IPad, and somehow thought this mini screen was bigger. But, it’s a powerful gadget! Do u think it’s worth y trade? I was thinking of the Air 3 but it’s almost as big as my MacBook.

  4. Are you sure you're not in the Big Bang Theory series?

  5. Lisa, I've been watching your videos since I was a teen. Currently 30 and this is the second tablet I've purchased due to your insight. First being the transformer prime if you can recall that one.

  6. lmao the tablets butt

  7. The bezels are perfect for holding the device. Especially if you draw. I don't need my hand activating the screen because it's edge to edge.

  8. FIRST TIME IVE WATCH HER IN OVER 2-3 yrs, nearly a million subscribers

  9. Dont update ipad mini to 13.3

  10. Great review. Thinking about this to go with my iPad Pro 11 (which I love).

  11. the ipad mini is basicly an ipad molskin.

  12. Black Face option = Turdeau

  13. This is the best review on the iPad mini that I’ve seen. I recently bought it and ordered the Apple Pencil, so I’m very excited for that to arrive.

  14. Your voice likes Ellen's voice

  15. Hello, I am looking to see if anyone with an iPad Mini 5 has the same issues that I have.
    1. When I shut down the iPad Mini 5 and restart it, I need to plug in my Apple pencil again because it does not pair automatically, except maybe once a week, when it does detect it. Why? Anyone have this issue?
    2. It takes 20 minutes to charge the Apple pencil first gen when plugged into the iPad mini 5, and at random times it takes over an hour.
    3. It takes 2 hours to charge the Apple pencil first gen with the usb adapter.

    Please help me out by commenting on your experience.
    Ps. I called Apple and they seem baffled.

  16. Does it come with a apple pencil?

  17. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a great review. I really appreciated this so much, Lisa! I echo so many of your opinions/preferences. My new mini is shipping soon, and as per usual tradition, I will be gifting my current iPad (12.9 Pro) to my mom for her light Facebook and Google use ;).

  18. Two thumbs up for Lisa! She’s 100% correct on every point she’s made! I too have the iPad 12.9 (both 2017 & 2018) and I can honestly say it’s refreshing not having the face recognition as it always opens the tablet or iPhone 11 when I’m only glancing at it while doing something else. I hate that! But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed FaceTime on this iPad mini 5, better than with iPad Pro 12.9 because it’s easier to handle with one hand. I enjoy turning it into a large phone, simply sending the call from iPhone by pressing the audio button and choosing iPad and there you have your call on iPad mini. I love the ebook reading as it feels like the perfect size and also for notes with the pencil! And finally it can fit in any pants pocket, be it a pair of jeans, dress pants, front pocket, back pocket, coat pocket. I never dreamed I would enjoy this iPad so much because the pro 12.9 is supposed to be the ultimate iPad, right?

  19. This channel makes straight to the point reviews. This convinced me to get one. Thank you!

  20. i think also the display of the basic ipad is a great screen. The problem is apple uses great hardware in all their devices. there are just nouances between the devices.

  21. I dunno why i feel the first generation was much smaller than now
    Am i correct?

  22. Does this give you enough reading room. When one is a old person?

  23. I’ve always liked the form factor of the mini. I’m spoiled now to the 12.9 Pro performance, but plan to grab one of these for a lot of use

  24. watching this on my ipad mini 5

  25. VS tab s6 please

  26. Hello! What is the DeltaE of the full P3 color spectrum of the iPad mini 5 (with link)?

  27. Over priced. Costco recently has $50 off on the mini 5. This is a sign Apple is releasing a mini 6 next year. Costco only have discount if it is straight from the manufacturer.

  28. which one did you get, 64GB or 256GB?

  29. I have a 6 inch phone I just don't know if 7.9 would be great for drawing?

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