The 2019 iPad Mini 5 is the BEST Gaming Tablet ever made! Even better than the 2018 iPad Pro. Why? Watch to find out!
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    Buy one on Amazon with Prime shipping!  on Amazon ➡

    2018 Budget iPad (only $250 SALE on Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Mini ($6 OFF on Amazon) ➡
    2019 iPad Air ($11 OFF) ➡
    2018 iPad Pro ($50 off SALE on Amazon) ➡

    2017 iPad Pro ONLY $398 on Amazon!! ➡
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  2. It's 500$in India

  3. Is 64 gb enough to play big games like fortnite,pubg,marvel future fight,cod and some other small games?

  4. I want to buy IPad mini 5 🙂


  5. I am watching your video with one now

  6. I got iPad 2018 and playing pubg at hd ultra smoothly

  7. Please make video different between iPad mini 5 & ipad air 3.vidoes about gaming and performance pls.

  8. Watching this video from my little beast ipad mini 5. This tablet will lasts for at least 3 more years.

  9. Any idea of release date/features of an iPad mini 6? I’m about to buy this…should I wait for the 6?

  10. Wdm thoes are bots bro in pubg and iPad pro runs 120 fps on medium and a larger screen

  11. Imma stick with the iPad pro

  12. I have a xr and its a smaller version of this lol

  13. I hope my parents wouldve bought this for me

  14. I have a issue…

    So see, I like the big screens and fast performance. But I also need comfort while holding the tablet.
    So which one will I choose?

    Ipad Pro 11 or Ipad Mini 5

  15. iPad mini 5 ping graphics settings vedio

  16. Lol, better than an android tablet. Your joking right?. The Samsung Galaxy tab s6 blows this way out of the water. This tablet has 2gb of ram. The galaxy tab s6, the one i have, has 8gb of ram. A rather bold statement, for something that has less specs than the galaxy tab s6. Also i now this video is a little old, but tue galaxy Tab s5e is better than this ipad as well, check your facts before making up shit. Because it still has 4 and 6 gb of ram. Also the ipad mini 5 can't handle cod mobile at full capacity. At best it will hold out on medium settings.

  17. Your clearly not a gamer.

    You can't tell bots from humans

  18. well ipad pro has 120 fps now so that good

  19. What iPad is worth buying in 2020? ( Probably no answer :/ )

  20. I am watching in my iPad 6gen 2018
    Is very good 🙂

  21. oh no no no mobile gaming pepelaugh

  22. It is very small so i can’t really play

  23. fortnite is now on 120 fps on iPad 8th gen

  24. Me watching on my iPad mini 4 ?

  25. What el iPad Pro está en 800 dólares son 15000 pesos Aquí en médico está en 30000pesos son 1600 dólares

  26. How many hz does it have???

  27. Well you are not a gamer ?

  28. Basically a big xs max without a 999$ price tag and comes with a 12w charger. Oh yeah yeah

  29. hey Max Tech, great review, great video, great comparisons, it's 2020 and your video still influenced my decision to purchase an ipad mini 5. keep up the great videos and not sure why you only have 170k subscribers, you deserve a million. thanks!

  30. I've always picked the ipad mini solely because the size is perfect for reaching anywhere on the screen

  31. Bro which will be very good. I want to buy for Gaming+browsing…. (Mainly gaming) +(4-6 hours only gaming)
    Overall. And I want to use it for 3-4 years. So which will be good. People's saying mini5 will be good. But my heart is stuckeed on 7th Gen Ipad..what should I do????

  32. Omg stfu comparing it with other iPad or tablet just go through the gameplay and tell us how the graphic. Compare that shit on other video or something. Don’t be such a Apple fanboy damn! Is that too much to ask. Holy shit.

  33. iPad minis are scams i bought the iPad mini 4 it ranned good for about a month and then it turned into dogshitt buy a normal one

  34. Does it run HD EXTREME FPS on Pubgm?


  36. is it okay to play pubg on ipad mini 5 with only 2gb of ram ?
    please comment down. I need your suggestions.

  37. But… But …but
    Can they make call….??

  38. No best ipad its ipad 6 or 9.7 it the best

  39. Can u pls compare pubg gameplay in all i pad with best graphics also frame drop and all i pad which i pad best in graphics ?

  40. so you can't get 60fps on ipad mini 4?

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