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  1. iPad 6 275,000 with proof

  2. Just bought ipad mini 5 and ran antutu, score 450603

  3. I’m so confused about why my iPhone 7 gets 120000 in benchmark but my iPad 2018 gets 212420. They have the same A10 fusion, the iPhone 7 burn a lot and the iPad doesn’t. I’m so confused

  4. Damn the iPad mini screen looks great compared to the non laminated screen never realized how huge the difference was damn

  5. iPad 2018 reach in all other test on youtube around 206k in antutu and not 332k in your test.

  6. Next target Ipad mini 5

  7. ipad mini 5 good

  8. This is not I pad mini 5 its 4

  9. Thanks for this comparison, I was thinking about saving some money and get the 2018, step up and get the mini.

  10. เล่นเกมpes2019ให้ดูหน่อยครับ ปรับสุดภาพจะสวยขนาดใหน

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