Apple has released the 2019 iPad mini 5 to much fanfare. But what is changed from the old iPad mini 4? AppleInsider fills you in on everything that is new!

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  1. 5:00 I have 1080p 30fp on my iPad mini 4 why you saying that iPad mini 4 was only on 720p u liar??

  2. I like how long iPads are supported. With Ipad OS it gets complicated though. You have a 2017 pro with an a10 & a 2019 a10x chips. But the Iphone 7 is from 2016. So its weird to think the 2019 ipad will get support for 5 years? But the iPhone 7 wont.

  3. Awesome I have the mini 5 it’s the best tablet ever

  4. Also deference on the volume keys (the case is by apple)

  5. I tried to form the ipad mini4 case on my mini5 and also didnt formed well on the camera the result was bad so dont try to take the 4 case for ipad mini 5 you wont like it but if you thing you can cut it well try it why not the deference on the price is big

  6. I just upgraded to the 5 from the, don’t nobody say nothing, but the 1st gen. I love it but I think it is over priced though. For the price tag, it should have Face ID AND Wireless charging IJS

  7. I’m watching on the 2nd gen mini ?

  8. My iPad 4 mini can’t download almost any AR app

  9. I upgraded from an iPad mini 1 to an iPad mini 4, back when the mini 4 was new. Great device 🙂

    Edit: Just got a mini 5. Even better!

  10. I’m literally upgrading from the original iPad 3. I can’t wait to get my iPad mini 5 next week!

  11. Just placed an order for the new ipad mini. Upgrading from a ipad mini 4. Great review??

  12. Overpriced garbage, I'll pass.

  13. I bought one of these, for the first 2 weeks the battery seamed to last for days, now it drains 10% per 10 minutes so 1-every minute, things is well maintained, have to get new one, Apple keeps failing me since Steve’s death 🙁

  14. Will a tempered glass for iPad mini 4 fit on a five?

  15. Have the mini 4 for 4 years now. When i heard the mini 5 was coming out i was soo excited…..until
    1: no usb-c
    2: same 7th gen design
    3: first gen pen
    There is no reason to upgrade. Updated specs are cool, but is nothing that really matters to me. The updated processor is cool but my mini 4 is doing fine. Never used the mini 4's cameras. Screen of the mini 4 is still usable, not missing much from the 4.Don't care for updated wifi or bluetooth the mini 4, again is doing just fine. "Guess" this would be a good upgrade for mini's older than the 4. Wow though. I love the idea of smaller yet "still" powerful tablets. No company not even Apple can do it. Pathetic

  16. my 2016 dell chromebook 3189 touchscreen has smaller bezels than this, cmon apple its 2019…

  17. Can any one tell me is the ipad mini (2019) has quick charge support….and how fast it can take.

  18. I definatly buying mini 5 , i skipped last upgrade on mini 4 i am on mini 3

  19. Ive used my ipad mini 4 everyday for 4 years and it’s been absolutely amazing. Im sure the 5 is even better.

  20. يأخذها انا أتمنى واحد بسسس وهو مأخذ اثنين يطلع الفروق اللي فيهم قهههرررررر

  21. Great Video! Thanks!

  22. I have an iPad mini 4 for awhile now and i only really use it for reading ??‍♀️ It's still good to me

  23. is it me but are those both ipad mini 5s at 2:13

  24. I'm not sure why, but it really bothers me they didn't make it a Display like the iphone X or iPad pro.
    Probably to keep the cost down but it still botheres me it still has a button. 🙂

  25. Video quality is laughable

  26. I’m getting iPad mini 5

  27. Im getting a iPad mini 4 128gb model for the specs and it's a great tablet for me to buy????

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