Apple and Samsung are well known for their smartphones, but both companies also make tablets. How is the performance of the the iPad Mini 5 compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6? Let’s find out.

Intro to Speed Test G:

5 Reasons Why Smartphone Speed Tests Are Fundamentally Flawed:





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  1. I get the speed but then again functionality sometimes wins. Though as a tablet iPads are better. Also over the years iPad remains better

  2. When it comes to tablets, always go for Apple. Google doesn't seem to be interested in polishing their OS when it comes to android tablets.

  3. i was totally counting on the ipad mini 5 :-}

  4. Soo
    If you want more power
    Just spend less and get an iPad

  5. Samsung is lol ? as always

  6. Hi Gary, lovely videos with the commentary giving it a formula 1 style feel and fantastic work with the app to do a cross platform comparison!! Could you do a comparison between older iOS devices with the newest Android? That will help get a sense of how much work Qualcomm has to do to catch up. Also, any thoughts on any improvements that can be made on Android to bridge the gap a little?

    One last thought – do you have a sense how much of the gap might be caused by sheer hardware gaps vs the OS?

  7. speed test G is the worst speed test ever …how can you use same app on different OS and hardware …one is more optimized than the other

  8. The graphics difference is huge ?

  9. Why it is faster than iPhone 11 pro max having A13 bionic ???

  10. I love the iPad mini form factor I am on my 2nd one. I don’t do anything that taxes mine but the 5th gen is so much faster than the original. Since iOS devices last so long I’d like to see iPhone 7 vs 11 or similar.

  11. Gary should compare the A chips with Intel chips, it’s quite obvious that android chips are subpar and the comparison is not fair

  12. Asus rog phone 2 vs iphone 11 pro max

  13. I'm switching to apple for my next phone my note 9 has failed me lol.

  14. Apple bionic chip is a monster

  15. But look at the beauty of samsung screens u gonna watch movies on such screen and y need it on that lvl indeed

  16. Damn Apple! The iPad Mini 5 just destroyed the Galaxy Tab S6. Talk about showing no mercy. ??

  17. Next iPad pro vs iPhone 11 pro

  18. A12X vs A13, please.

  19. Samsung really let me down with the tab s6 (not even keeping up with its note/s10 line up)
    All samsung have done is show you dont need to try as hard to have "the most powerful android tablet ever" and that it means very little compared to paying in house developers to optimise your dam software!

    Now off to check individual real time results in the games i play to see if the difference is so massive and hopefully i can justify still buying a tab s6. I have an s3 so i can side load, root, torrent…(things like running a shell command to remove the status bar that most android users dont know you can remove)

    All I need to know is which tablet can sustain higher frame rates and tighter timing in my specific scenarios like streaming pc games, playing ark mobile, playing while recording pen input lag/response time. Dont ask for much do i 😀

  20. Would love a video explaining why the apple SoC always does waaaaaaaayyy better in the GPU, I mean the A12x just blazes through the Unity 3D test…I mean just annihilates it like a horny rabbit

  21. Do you have any thoughts on making a longer version of this? These benchmarks are done in 1-2 minutes, but what if you make something that takes around 15 or even 30 minutes? It would be interesting to see how these devices throttle under load.

  22. What I notice the apple SOC just breeze thru the unity test without any lag or stutter

    I looking forward to see the kirin vs bionic vs exynos vs snapdragon

  23. Can you do a speedtest with the 2018 iPad pro?

  24. I think qualcomm and android is far behind than apple

  25. The iPad Mini 5 has (1536×2048=)3145728 pixels and the Galaxy Tab S6 has (1600×2560=)4096000 pixels, meaning that the iPad has 76.8% the total pixels it needs to push as compared to the Tab S6.

    Assuming the GPU test scales linearly with the screen resolution, then
    if the Tab S6 were running at the iPad resolution, it would have scored 76.8% of it's actual GPU time, or ~18.28 seconds.
    Conversely, if the iPad Mini 5 were running at the Tab S6 resolution, it would have scored 123.2% of it's actual GPU time, or ~18.48 seconds

  26. Something we already knew but very interesting, though, the speed at this point doesnt matter when your playing games, they arent demanding enough yet, both tablets are good and fast, but you arent EVER going to use all of its speed

  27. No doubt ios is better optimize OS then Android, also more cache memory in Apple chip is making difference.

  28. Latest SD855 is beaten by Last year's A12. Can't believe it, what Apple puts on their SOC?!

  29. These tests are basically pointless. And it can create wrong impressions very quickly. Android by its very own nature is very fragmented. So the hardwares are not always best suitable for the softwares. On the other hand Apple can always make small tweaks and changes according to their devices needs.

    That's how they can always be on the top in these benchmark tests.

    It's simple people Apple doesn't know any kind of wizardry.

  30. I give it to apple for having such a consistent CPU. They really do produce amazing processors. I'm on the Note 10+ and while the A series processor blows the Snapdragon out of the water, I do not notice any difference in day to day usage. My note 10 can do everything I throw at it.

  31. it just shows that even the iphone 8 will smoke latest android devices any day…

  32. could you test iphone 11 pro max vs huwei mate 30 pro

  33. Thank you for this. Please do more tablets.

  34. A12 shits on SD855? come at me fandroids

  35. GARY!!!
    Ooooooooo! It's really happening!
    Good Afternoon Professor!
    Good Afternoon Fellow Classmates!

  36. Can you do one with the A12X? Thanks ?

  37. this is a WELL-KNOWN fact that iPad is truly fast and great piece of hardware so it just confirms it. If I wanted to buy a tablet it would be iPad Pro only (with Apple pencil).

  38. Wooow thank you
    The a12 chip crush the qualcolm

  39. Can we get a comparison of the A12x on the ipad pro vs sd 855+?

  40. personally i own a ipad mini 5 , to be frank i cant do much on it , cant put mine mp3 or movies in it , bummer

  41. Damn, I am using Android and I quite like it. But iPad killed Tab S6.

    Looks like Apple always does a good job performance-wise. Real world or benchmarks

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