The New iPad mini 2019 kinda looks like the older iPad mini’s. Customize your phone or tablet with dbrand: Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring this video! Is the iPad mini weaker than the larger iPads? Does more money equal more strength? The only way to find out is with an iPad mini Durability test from JerryRigEverything. The industry standard scratch test, burn test and bend test is here to confront the iPad mini. Lets see if this new 2019 iPad mini 5 can survive. Is…

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  1. Jerry: destroys ipad
    Me: oh god no not that sound. Why would you destroy a brand new ipad? it’s not my money spent but god that hurts seeing this happen…

  2. الله لا يطيك

  3. Bro can you give ipad please i have low device

  4. I won an iPad mini gen 5 in a picture contest and it’s great but it can’t handle a game about monkeys throwing darts at balloons. (Bloonstd6)

  5. If you going to break it what is the point of getting it

  6. Fra ma ti hanno picchiato da piccolo?

  7. I just know the bad feeling of the iPad I am watching on which is iPad mini 4

  8. Unbox redmi note 8 pro

  9. Что хотите у телефона?

  10. I got an ad saying its a 100% saphire screen protector do you want to test it?

  11. How to let ur device live forever(not break)
    Carve thanos on it

  12. Thanos eating an apple?

  13. This iPad mini looks looks like the one from 2011-13…

  14. Watching this on an iPad mini 5

  15. Presenting the ipad mini fold

  16. Please do a durability test of iPad 7 Generation… Please..

  17. This video broke my heard ?

  18. Why is there no microphone near rear camera this time lol

  19. I am watching this with the I pad mini

  20. This breaks my iPad’s heart that he is killing his friends

  21. اشتيلي واح و دزلي للعراق

  22. اهاهاهة اريد ايباد???


  24. 0:57 i thought this was an airpod

  25. It broke hurt don't waste things

  26. It’s funny that I’m watching this man nearly destroy and iPad mini 5, while I’m watching this video, on an iPad mini 5…. lol

  27. Me: i just passing by ( mouth wide open “OMG”) did someone just bully the IPAD MINI 5!!
    IPad: ( gasping its breath) we are just playing wrestling…?

  28. I’m watching on iPad mini lol

  29. amg, se sentiu dó de quebrar não? a riqueza é alta, é?

  30. meu coração dói, dói demais

  31. ele quebrou como se não fosse nada…

  32. você quebrou meu coração junto com a do ipad

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