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This is a quick video review of the iPad Mini (2019). I talk about why I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for students – for various reasons, I think the iPad Air or iPad are better purchases. However, if you’re just using the Mini for content consumption, then it’s perfect. Enjoy xx

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  1. I really love my iPad mini, I use it to take notes for school I just love how small and portable it is and discreet!

  2. I think you are an Indo-Pak decendent

  3. I'm a researcher and I use the iPad mini for all my notes! It's great because I can use it in the field walking around!!

  4. writing on ipad it sucks bro .. paper ? is so easy way to wtite something

  5. Ali, the way you spin that pencil, and your glasses, I'm 100% convinced you've got a secret superhero life 🙂 . Are you Dr. Cambridge?

  6. It's just perfect for med students

  7. I personally disagree, it’s perfect for me to read my books for class and to write down my notes and it’s been easier for me to be more organized this semester I personally don’t mind the small screen size but to each there own!

  8. well, the mini5 goes in the toilet with me, and that's it.

  9. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Ok ok… I was studying 20 years ago. With real paper. And I prefer such notes. But what about reading PDF on mini? Is it convenient? Of course I prefer eInk readers to read books but technical content with drawings, tables, code etc – its terrible even on bigger eink screens. So – for documents – Mini or Air? I really like mini – it looks gorgeous and I have IPhone SE and I prefer smaller more portable devices…

  11. Dude, i just watched your videos for like 30minutes. All I can say is you’re someone i’d want to learn lessons from.

    May I ask what you’d suggest? I am a sales person that specializes in real-estate. Do you suggest ipad mini or ipad air? Im not super techy but i do lots of presentations.

    Your suggestion will be highly appreciated!!

  12. Can the Apple pencil convert our handwrite to text like we typing with keyboard?

  13. Is it good for reading books and PDF?

  14. i mean in apple "notes" u can type and draw at the same time. Which means if you buy an external keyboard or use the on screen keyboard u can type down things and if there are diagrams u can draw them. Its small and cheap, and I have been using it. Its not bad at all

  15. Is the paperlike so much better then any regular anti glare screenprotector?

  16. Are you sure it’s not good to write it ok iPad mini?

  17. What case is he using? Thanks!

  18. What case are you using for the iPad mini?

  19. Is the ipad mini is good for reading medical books (pdf format) ? If not which one should I buy for reading ?

  20. After reviewing, did you return iPads? I hate this behaviour.

  21. I'm thinking about getting the iPad mini for study, but more for reading commenting rather than for notetaking. How is the screen for viewing college style textbooks? For example how is this test PDF http://www.cs.binghamton.edu/~pmadden/courses/cs120/C_Programming.pdf . I've got pretty good eyesight, but is it legible without zooming in?

  22. i guess it would really depend on the person cause i have an ipad mini and i sort of had a background already on working on a small screen because i do art on a wacom intuos which is entirely smaller than the ipad mini so yeah it really depends on the person.

  23. Honestly the IPad mini is so small. Get the budget Ipad.

  24. "Oh..i'm good at spinnig pen around my fingers" -.-

  25. Great channel. But 2 mins to brush hair mate 🙂

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