Demo of external touchscreen control for latest iOS 13.1+. No jailbreak needed.

Vertical 32″ demo on iPhone is coming shortly. Features our vertical iPhone mirroring kit.

Touchscreen display in this video show our glass enabled touchscreen using our finely tuned glass touch sensor with an incredible touch response time of less than 7m/s!

Most touchscreen monitors with HDMI in and USB touch output should work. Any sized monitor.

Only the MimicsG4 is needed with NO additional hardware (for…

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  1. Fantastic video, mate! My 2018 iPad pro's display just died. Could I use this to replace the touch capabilities of my iPad pro's screen so I can then use it as a desktop device? I'll really appreciate any help. Thanks!

  2. Can't wait for multitouch!

  3. That’s awesome. I need one for home… and for work!

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