Apple Lighting USB 3 Camera Kit is the must have accessory for those USB-C External Storage Devices…

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  1. Can we connect an USB hub on the apple USB adpatator or not ?

  2. Thank you ,very clear explanation .what is the name of the stand for your iPad ?

  3. My files app keeps hanging after I click copy. It's stopping me to browse a place to paste the file. Any idea why?

  4. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with HDDs ?

  5. Another question, do you plug the external drive, mine has a usb c directly to the lightning or I need a usb A adaptor for it? Thank you

  6. By the way the cost is $39 on amazon

  7. Ok watched the video and you plugged the device first, then plug the external drive USB C?

  8. Would it work IPad po 10.5”? I was told for that IPad Pro model it wouldn’t work? Can you let me know! I hate to buy a product that wouldn’t work Thank you

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  10. Does it charge the iPad at the same time as powering the other device?

  11. does the printer works with it ?

  12. If the battery of the ipad is full and still you use it for long run. Will it effect the battery life?

  13. does anyone know if a spinning external drive will work as well like the ssd? thinking of using my Lacie external drive with my iPad

  14. Can you power the drive with a power brick ?????

  15. Great find and thanks for sharing – but that said, who designed this? It’s bizarre because any USB C devices that require a powered hub (ie ext hard drives, thumb drives, etc) that power can only be supplied via the only USB C port – in order to use USB C peripherals which in turn then require a USB C to USB A adapter to be able to use them! Have you experimented with a USB C hub with power pass through to see if that would allow actually using a USB C device – or even multiple devices? Seems a ridiculous design to make a USB C adapter that can’t actually use any USB C devices that require external power as that power has to come via the single C port! Think Different = circular reasoning, LOl! Would have been very nice if they had offered at least 2 type C ports or even an AC power port with Adaptor for devices requiring external power.

  16. Ok I have your fix. Try using an Arolla power usb and format your disk as FAT32 You can use any size HD
    I have an IPad Air3 and it works like a charm.

  17. You forgot to mention that you need iOS 13 to be able to copy/move things from one device to another device.

  18. I have the same one but it keeps saying device requires too much power

  19. The t5 1T requires a powered USB hub.

  20. Thank you. Great video

  21. Not convenient

  22. hi, great video. Is there any lightning cable to HDMI and USB ? since i often do presentation and wants to do it from the ipad and use the pointer from the usb. thanks before. shout ot from indonesia

  23. What type of power source did you use?

  24. This works the same with the ipad air 2019 right ?

  25. That’s not USB C

  26. Dude, you talk a lot.

  27. does this work for all files or just photos/video?

  28. Bro that’s an iPhone 10 with a fake camera lmao the apple logo should be in the middle

  29. What congregation are you from?

  30. So it doesn't work directly usb c to lightning port, i must need to buy camera adapter

  31. can you do lighting usb3 camera adaptor,usbA to usb c , usb c hub with hdmi,ethernet etc.?

  32. Thanks Brother I got everything I needed to know ?

  33. It will not recognize my Trancend drive. Any suggestions?

  34. After two weeks of wracking my brain with my lightning cable ! guess I’ll have to get one!

  35. how was photo editing in this ipad as of today?

  36. Can I use the lightning to type C cable which is Stock with iPhone 11 pro?
    Or I have To buy that Adapter
    Please Reply?

  37. Lightning to Camera USB connector is not available in my country, have you checked whether usc type c accessories work with previous ipads if we connect it through a lightning to usb-c female connector?

  38. its work for SSD, FD or SDcard reader. But external harddisk??

  39. Are you using the 6th gen 2018 9.7 student model iPad for this demonstration in your video?

  40. Does it work with a usb stick to transfer files like documents

  41. Will I be able to transfer music in the same way ?

  42. I missed which "power" you connect through the USB-C port for this to work

  43. Is the charging port in the adapter female lightning or female usb C port?

  44. Does it work with the first iPad Pro 2017 model? Software version 13.1.3. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  45. This is not USB-C, it is just normal USB 2.0

  46. Great video thanks, trying to find info out on the iPad Pro 10.5” and the external drive capability is not easy. I wonder can you help with this, I need to be able to copy direct from a SD card to a external drive (not found a drive yet till I figure out how) using the iPad Pro 10.5 and that same powers camera connection kit would you be able to tell me if buying a small usb hub such as and a usb drive or thumb drive (with usb and lighting connection) would work? Thanks

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