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  1. Which one is good for you???

  2. Apples keyboard case def isn’t the greatest thing in the world to spend a lot of time typing on, but I don’t think that’s the point. I think they just tried to make something that’s super portable,but is still better to use than the on screen keyboard. I know i always keep the case on, and mostly just use it as a stand for the iPad, and to make it easier to reply to iMessage when I’m watching videos at work or whatever

  3. Can you have it in tablet mode with the leather backing on it?

  4. I would like to let everyone know that I bought a Brydge Keyboard for my new iPad Pro 11. I used it for 2 days. I fumbled and dropped it on the floor from waist height. (It is extremely heavy and cumbersome to handle.) It was closed at the time with covers on the outside. It landed on the bottom left corner of the device/case. The bottom left hinge shattered and the weight of the case gave the device so much momentum that it shattered the screen and screen protector of the device as it landed on the unprotected bottom corner. The design offers no protection at all for the very expensive device overall. It leaves, however, the bottom hinge areas – where the device is clamped into the keyboard – completely exposed. Lucky I had AppleCare, but there is only so many times that you can do this. Unless you want to just use this device in one place and not move it anywhere – like on a desk- I would not recommend at all the Brydge – No matter how "cool" it may seem. It will not protect your device and may in fact contribute to it breaking!

  5. I bought the Apple one purely because it’s thin. The others turn the iPad into laptop thickness.

  6. What is the blue pen called?

  7. hmmm,I want to know more about the tiny TV which showing fancy video on the desk…?

  8. We are typing. We are watching the video. We are wondering why we are talking like this. We are ceasing to talk like this.

  9. Keep up with the awesome vids Brother

  10. This video would be half the length if you didn't repeat yourself

  11. The Bridge sucks bad.

  12. Lol I really love that violet funny face on the monitor , it seems like he is speaking so smart haha xD btw thank your very much for your very helpful video very informative!

  13. Why can't you put the Apple Pencil in the slot below the iPad cradle on the second option for transport protection?

  14. I wish the apple one had actual keys like a surface type cover

  15. I actually prefer the Apple Keyboard. I have tried them all, and I liked Brydge, but it was super heavy. I have the iPad Pro 12.9”. . It was extremely heavy, so I sold it.. I also LOVE the keyboard touch to the apple keyboard.

  16. Can you please write the name from the second one, or maybe post a link to buy it?

  17. My bridge keyboard’s hinges are somewhat pinching inwards and the iPad is no longer flush with the keyboard. I have only had the keyboard for less than 2 weeks. Anyone else having a similar problem?

  18. extremely good and professional review.

  19. What about the libra keyboard?

  20. I see the jw app?

  21. If I had to use some of these cases, I'd get a Surface Pro instead. I got the iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard because it's a superbly portable yet extremely powerful mobile solution. I have a BT mouse, small 1TB external SSD and a small USB hub, and I'm good to go. When I rocked a Surface Pro 5, I got the power, but I needed to bring along the charger as well: the iPad Pro will go all day on a charge. Getting a bulky keyboard case changes the equation for me. I didn't think I'd like the Smart Keyboard, but I'm surprised how quickly and accurately I can type on it.

  22. You added Logitech in description twice

  23. Are you using an Apple Pencil? If so what type of case to you have on it?

  24. Nice video man! Keep up the good work.

  25. Be quick brother…..have some good editing done to your videos. You are way lengthy….. cut it precisely.

  26. Wowww you hace the JW App ❤️❤️❤️

  27. What was the name of the second one?

  28. Thanks for reviewing these iPad Pro cases/Keyboards. What I would like to see is keyboard that has a built in trackpad. I am wanting the full laptop experience.

  29. boom, I like the logitech one

  30. Anybody else so the jw app

  31. Buddy what is the name of that iPad stand, I really love it

  32. I need a keyboard Case that has different viewing angles and houses the apple pen safely. As well as being a good quality case in general. Could you possibly find one?

  33. My school used the Logitech slimfolio for iPad 2018. Good protection, but it had 2 CR2032 batteries and no chaging facility. Also, the keys tend to drop out when they travel in the pupils rucksack every day. We were forced to change to the Zagg rugged messenger which has a lot more solid keys. It also is chargeable, and there is key lightening with multiple colours and various levels of light as a bonus, allthough not so useful in daytime at school. You can also put away the keyboard and still have some protection if you want to use the camera or some other activity off the table.

  34. The Bridge looks good for bendgate

  35. Is that thumbnail a piper perri meme or what

  36. My man you stretched out 4 minutes worth of info to 16…

  37. Has anyone who has used the Bridge for a while have any issues with the two “U” shaped holder for the IPad loosening?? Thank you.

  38. Smart keyboard still remains the best for me. Like literally no one else is using the smart connector.

  39. Average Tech Guy AKA the poor man’s MKBHD

  40. Came to the right place, thanks for reviewing such a spread of options and breaking them down. Subscribed!

  41. … that music.
    Yall know gamer poop: Skyrim?

  42. I think for the second keyboard you review there was a slot for the Apple Pencil in that little cut out. Possibly if you turned the iPad around in the case and put the pencil in that cut out it would charge as well while in its respective space.

  43. The logic is the best of all the keyboards

  44. It put a smile on my face to see "JW Library and JW.org"! keep up the great work with the videos my friend 🙂

  45. Ok totally unrelated but are you a Jehova’s witness? I see JW.org on your iPad. I have family who are, I’m just curious.

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