In this video, sakitech will do a full and complete comparison between the iPad Pro 9.7″ inches vs the iPad Air 2. We will look at all the details including processor performance, memory, display, dimensions, size, weight, camera quality, apple pencil, and much more.

After wwatching this video, you will be able to decide which one to buy.

Buy the Griffin Tablet Stand seen in video:

Buy the iPad Pro 12.9″:

Buy the iPad Pro 9.7″:…

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  1. I see this video in my iPad Air 2

  2. Can a iPad Pro screen protector fit on a iPad Air 2

  3. 1:35 I own a iPad Air 2 and it almost ALMOST slipped out of my hand!

  4. Thanks for a great informative video that laid out everything plain as day so even I could follow haha.

  5. I still use that type of iPad pro

  6. He has the same intro as jerryrigeverything

  7. Who else is watching on iPad Pro 3rdgeneration

  8. This is an IPad Pro 2016. Isn’t there a 2017 and 2018 version of the Pro?

  9. Are they the same size

  10. Im watching on my new iPad Pro 12 inch. I gotta say this iPad is so worth it.

  11. Hey smart guy there are three design differences not only are there more speakers and a smart connector but it now has a bigger better camera and the flash something tells me that you don’t really know what you’re talking about

  12. Bought both off em not bragging cuz I’m ashamed changed to Samsung since then????

  13. I had this iPad for fucking years and not a single scratch.

  14. ordered a used iPad Pro 9.7 inch today for £230 with a 2 year warranty. Was only £30 more than the Air 2 so seemed like a no brainer

  15. Watching it on my iPad Air 2 cause it's time to upgrade

  16. I’m watching iPad Pro 9.7 bruh ??????

  17. I am watching on iPad Air 2

  18. Nice comparison ! but in 10:48 …. you must change text betwen both models 🙂

  19. I have an air 2 with 32 GB

  20. The pencil moved ?

  21. You keep saying iPad Air Pro

  22. Great narrative! Smooth and pleasant to listen!

  23. A8x is 1.5Ghz not 1.84

  24. Now 2018. Have Air 2. Very pleased with it. Great ? machine. Thank you. ☘️??

  25. shit backlight on pro this is not white colour ! 3:30 look at air

  26. Man said 2 changes physically.
    Camera bump mate.
    Flash mate.

    Why the hell does every review forget the 120Hz touch sensing on Ipad pros? Display IS one huge factor and you only know when you use one.

  27. 7:23 ne need to charge ?? it’s we he do a mistake

  28. Wasted my precious minutes of my life

  29. I got used to my iPad mini 1st generation 12gb

  30. I rather buy the iPad pro because it's recommended for us in our school and it's only $354

  31. Still have my ipad pro 9.7 and still works in 2018

  32. I still have the iPad 2 in 2018

  33. Oh yeah I can buy a 500 iPad and a 100 pen just so I can take notes. It's not like there's paper lying around the classroom.

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