In this video, we will do a full and complete comparison between the iPad Pro 9.7 inch vs the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. These are both premium tablets and offer great features. Whether you want the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 or the iPad Pro 9.7 inch tablet, you have to carefully consider all comparison categories such as the build, design, processor, battery life, camera, software capabilities, the S-Pen and Apple Pencil, to name a few.

In this video we will do a deep dive into everything and try…

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  1. I'm on the Samsung galaxy tab s3 its cool

  2. Screen definitely better on s3. Way better.

  3. The ipad has better gaming capabilities

  4. Both devices are of premium quality and of similar specs. Samsung’s has a better price for what you’re getting and better screen quality, while iPad has more processing power and longer battery life. They both will suffice the needs of the vast majority of users. In the end what it really comes down to is users preference.

  5. I have samsung galaxy tab s3 so I choose Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

  6. I love the IPad pro 9.7

  7. Samsung s3, s4, or ipad 10.2 7th gen for drawing, watching Netflix and playing games?

  8. Great review.I was looking for a good used tablet

  9. I like Sakitech because he is not biased like so many reviewers, a good fair review regardless of brand.

  10. I saw the tab s3 that was 179$ on ebay

  11. The bezels on the ipad are larger than the samsung samsung for life

  12. iPad Pro is better

  13. This video very informative, it made my mind up as to which I was getting.

  14. Thank you for such helpful videon. I am waiting for my Galaxy tab to arrive and I feel confident now that I made the right choice for my needs .

  15. excellent review sir! Subscribed?

  16. iphones are a bit expensive, thats why people like samsung alot

  17. Good review, unbiased. Kinda how news should be

  18. Does either tablet / operating system have a 'useable' file system for storing and retrieving documents , on-the-go?

  19. Is S3 as durable as i pad? My only concern before buying an android tab……..

  20. fuck Ipad.
    I lave only Samsung

  21. 13:35
    Me: *compares displays*
    Apple: IPS LCD
    Samsung: HDR Super AMOLED
    Apple: *Rich Content*
    Samsung: ??

  22. I rather tablet it’s perfect?❤️??

  23. swapped my samsung to Ipad )

  24. I would buy the tab s3 100% but I love games and apps…. IDK WHAT TO BUY also does roblox work on the tab s3? If not I think it's a deal breaker but other than the that I would 100% go with the tab s3 pls respond I need help

  25. Ipad 2018 pro is better I watch this with a iPad pro 2018 ??

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