Can you use an iPad Pro (running iPadOS) with an external hard drive/SSD? In this video (which I should have posted a while ago haha) I go over how you can use an external USB SSD (Samsung T5) with iPad Pro (in my case the 11″ 64GB) and utilize the storage space for photo and video editing!


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  1. Noah, i If one uses an external drive with their iPad Pro, do you need a specific program to do all that you were showing? If so, please tell us what app you used. Thanks.

  2. Very helpful, thanks Noah, ps I've subscribed! cheers.

  3. I hope a future iOS update rectifies having to save to the iPad b4 u can edit. Kinda sloppy (or greedy?) coding.

  4. You didnt even mentioned which adapter u using to connect sd card and harddrive into.

  5. I only have 64GB iPad pro so when I saw the update that iMovie now support external storage I was so excited.

    Turned out it still need to copy to internal storage.

  6. Do I have to have the converter? Because i connected my external drive but it's not showing up on the ipad

  7. Hello, I’ve just purchased a T5 ssd and I want to know the best way to transfer/copy photos and videos from my iPad Pro 11 to the hard drive without having to select them individually.?

  8. I was also broke an i bought a MacBook ? $1,500

  9. Basically as you’ll don’t need a 3000 Mac to work on your video editing or photo editing and that’s where this tablet industry is heading.if you’ll think about it the future is mobility and space.the space needed for computer such as a desktop no matter what form factor people is looking for ways just to carry around their iPad insert a memory drive and work while laying down if preferred doing their work.this is the future.if the app developers keep working making new powerful apps for the iPad os then you’ll start seeing people moving away from the desktops and laptops needed to do these type of tasks.steve jobs seen this years ago with the first that we have the platform and the is now with more and more apps being created to take advantages of this platform we all should be excited where this will lead.

  10. What is the name of your adapter???

  11. Bro can I connect my external storage can I record video with my iPad air 2 ?

  12. The doqo smartdock looks promising with a built-in 7 in 1 hub plus internal battery as an iPad Pro folio case with keyboard and track pad….time will tell.

  13. can you connet a camera like Panasonic GH5 directly by usb c cable?

  14. What adapter for the memory card do you use?

  15. How do give your flash drives or SSD a name on Files app.

  16. So copying your files from SD-Card to a SSD is your workflow and that needs to be explained in a 8min video…

  17. Why do people insist on using the Pencil to navigate iOS UI? It's like when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

  18. Thanks for the update on storage

  19. why doesnt ios13 files locate files transferred with other apps

  20. Love those little Samsung SSDs. ?

  21. This made me subscribe, thank you!

  22. Pretty sure you can work off the SSD or any card . You need to go into lumafusion link the drive and then it's readable .

  23. The I Adapt USB c hub Noah is using here costs $100 (thanks to Tiny B's reply to Spencer Carruth's comment below for that info and a link to the product, see for yourself), and the Samsung SSD is about $150-$160 from what I'm seeing online. Apple charges about $150 to go to a 256 gig SSD from the base 64 gig SSD on the iPad Pro. Depending on your needs, it might just be worthwhile to upgrade to the 256 gig SSD to begin with.

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