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In this video, I review the Apple iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Folio. Overall, it’s an incredible typing experience and I think it brings the iPad one step closer to that dream of replacing your laptop. Enjoy xx

PS: Because everyone asks, the screen protector I use and love is the Paperlike – here’s an affiliate link ?

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  1. PS: The screen protector I use and love is the Paperlike – here’s an affiliate link https://paperlike.com/Ali ?

  2. So it’s not backlit?

  3. I'm just gonna say this: it isn't mechanical, mate. Why would not want to go back to mechanical?

  4. Very helpful video. What app do you use to write book reviews? And what model/size is your iPad pro please?

  5. Hey Ali , I'm an SHO planning to buy a tablet for taking notes . A pro is a bit over budget for me what would you suggest ?

  6. Does this keyboard last long though?

  7. This guy has a robot voice

  8. Is it weird when you attach the Apple Pencil and close the case? I mean it just sticks out? Won’t the magnet just come off cause it’s at a weaker point? Idkk

  9. I have seen a few videos of yours. You tend to give a genuine opinion about things. I am struggling with deciding to which case to buy for iPad Pro 12.9". I am a student and I would mostly be using it for writing down notes using apple pencil. This is my first apple product that I am buying. Products are very expensive, so I want to go right about it. I was going to buy Apple Smart Keyboard Folio but that doesn't sit at 15 degree angle which I think would be better for writing notes. Please reply.

  10. If you make a spelling mistake while typing, how can you rectify it quickly without touching the screen as there is no mouse cursor for ipad pro.

  11. Right. Thanks to you I’m getting one. Great review. Selling my MacBook Air as I now own the best iPad I’ve ever had. I’ve had three including 1st gen. The iPad Pro rocks and is so fast and a great display. With iPad os 13 and external drive access, the MacBook is now dusty.

  12. thank you for this! what do you think of the competitor: the slim folio by logitech?

  13. Can you do it any faster? Geez. Thought this would help me put mine together. Too fast ….

  14. you don't mention that the front part have no magnetic thing. the front part cant stick with the screen and it make the case easily open unintendedly.

  15. it's not worth it if you mostly write on your iPad, it'll make the writing process annoying. now I'm glad I cannot afford it. it's terrible

  16. haha I thot he was an ediot wen he saying – this tha best typing experience I ever had ever … But then this fukken Australia Kangroo Jack nerd say that tiny lil keyboard LITRALLY WAYS 180 POUNDS?!?!*

    Sry but how did u become a YouTuber Channel ????? That litl thing is MAYB 30 pounds an ur liturally saying it 200 pounds like bro haha uninstall YouTube, n unplug ur computer – I cant imagine how heavy u think is a real laptope???!??! ??? – smdh!

  17. I found it interesting that you didn’t mention the side protection of the iPad as a flaw.

  18. is it possible to use other languages besides English?

  19. Protip: A positive angle is actually a really bad angle in terms of ergonomics. You want something negative (angled downwards, away from you).

  20. Do you ever have concern about infection control as you use it at work? Or do you typically not use it near patients?

  21. When I was buying my iPad Pro 10.5, I bought a Logitech Slim Combo because I thought the Apple option was useless from a typing-feel and key size perspective. I also didn’t like that it didn’t protect the back or sides, didn’t have backlight, no shortcut keys at the top, preset viewing angles and nothing for Apple Pencil storage. In December, I wanted to use my dad’s iPad Pro 2018 to do an assignment. It has this keyboard. I was a little sceptical and it took a little while, but now, I really like it.

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