Are you stuck trying to pick up the right iPad? In this video I go over every major aspect of the iPad Pro and iPad mini 5 to help you decide which device is right for you. I also keep my perspective aligned with the iPadOS update coming in the fall!

Both of the iPad mini 5 and iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″ are incredible machines, and are capable of a variety of tasks like school work, multitasking, video editing, photo editing, gaming etc. But at the end of the day one of these tablets will be…

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  1. I don’t know, but seeing ipad mini on this video shows its very small. I am owning the ipad mini 4 and it looks very big to me

  2. When i heard there is no headphone jack on ipad pro.

    Na we dont do it here

  3. Noah should I buy the IPad Pro 12,9 for school and university? Thx love your vids

  4. I will probably buy both. Mini front camera is 7Mp btw not 1Mp.

  5. A fantastic, rigorous assessment of both tablets – excellent production from Noah ?

  6. I have both the iPad Pro 11 and the iPad mini 5. so I’m good. I love them both.

  7. Nice vids!! I planned to move my photo editing task to the ipad. Is ipad mini 5 capable to do some RAW images editing on the adobe lightroom or photoshop or affinity photo? To be honest ipad mini is really interesting to invest on . I don't really need the screen size , camera, or speaker. And any idea how to transfer file to the ipad via lightning port? Really thanks for your respond ??

  8. The iPad Pro is an amazing device. If you can swing it, it's not about need. Flawless design, best display, 4 speakers, magnetic pencil with zero hassle charging. Screaming POWER. Just happens to be double the price of the mini…


  10. With ipadOS 13 rolling out, how did you manage to get the Today View to stay on permanently on the iPad mini? Doesn't seem to have the option

  11. Two recommendations for your videos: please speak more slowly and wear a shirt or a long sleeve t-shirt.

  12. Bro calm dawn with the ads

  13. Put your ads at the end of the videos

  14. Mini actually supports all the gestures of Pro with iPad OS. Yeah it’s my go to device paired with Apple Pencil

  15. Noah Herman ican`t desaid one of them

  16. Great functionality on the mini, but just can’t get past the dated form factor ..

  17. mini 6 would be a game-changer, with that pro design while being compact.

  18. So you ever do giveaways lolol

  19. Hi Noah is that Ipad pro can directly export the photos from lightroom to USB-C HUB or external storage without using ipad internal storage ?? is that possible so that i can 64 gb version to save some money in it … pls let me know are do some video abt it

  20. Nice review, but you missed the best thing about the iPad Mini, (if not the best, the "unique" thing). Namely: it is the only instant-on, work anywhere/any time instrument for scribes – folks who write a lot. And what you don't know and probably can't even imagine is that with the right app, editing is now actually snappier on this flat screen handheld than what's normal on a sit-on-your-butt computer.
    That's right. A mountain climber or a guy lying on a hospital bed can edit txt faster than Bill Gates seated at his desk.
    So… Sure the big and powerful tablet is a marvel, but it's for chairs and tables… Great for artists, but writers would need to connect an external keyboard. IPad Mini freeeeeeeedom! And now much less selection / highlighting aka finger-painting. With markdown it's no longer required for formatting and with "Connective Editing" it's no longer required for deletion. The scribes are unchained!

  21. Too much advertising in your videos in my opinion!

  22. It is too expensive in Turkey

  23. Watching this on my iPad Mini 5

  24. Wow! I’m here and it’s NOT 2am! I may have to watch it again in 6 hours!

  25. I think the iPad pro 11 is the best of both worlds whether you use your device for productivity or entertainment. It's also more future proof.

  26. 1:06 technically the iPad Air uses the iPad mini’s design as the original mini came before the original air.

  27. I bought the iPad mini 5 pro

  28. what do u think about iPad air 3? Is it worth to buy for now?

  29. Can you make some game experiment? Connect iPad Pro (iOS 13) to TV via AirPlay2 or HDMI and try to play with DualShock. Will you have some delay?

  30. IPad Mini might be a good choice for grannies to teach the grandsons …

    The size is just right for seniors and juniors …

    Thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  31. i’ve got the mini 5 just because how absurdly powerful the a12 processor is. what i love about it is the incredible battery life(sometimes it’s a week before i recharge it), the color accurate, perfect display with true tone, how light and thin it is, with those gorgeous bezels that everyone hates but make it such a joy to use and hold for extended periods of time… just awesome hardware. what i hate about it though is that it doesn’t run android

  32. Can you do a comparison between the "iPad pro 2nd gen" and the new "iPad Air 3 or the Mini 5th gen"? Great vid BTW!!!

  33. Can you go into detail about the differences in the capabilities of the lightning and USB-C ports on iOS 13. Can you access HDD/SSD drives on both with a converter? What are the differences in speed of data transfer? Do they support USB 3.0?

  34. Great video Noah! ?

  35. Thank God you’re okay

  36. I am enjoying the mini but recently thinking to break the bank to get a iPad Pro 11'?

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